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Institute for Social Research (ISR)

Social research what does that statement conjure up in your mind? This is a real place doing real research with a website.

Thats right University of Michigan. (The other of U of M for floridian UM afficianados) You know the phrase we are being watched? Well we are being studied too.

From their website this is a listing of articles they wrote.

Consumer confidence remains weak in September

Raising a child doesn't take a village, U-M research shows

Family planning: Federal program reduced births to poor women by nearly 30 percent

The waning of American apartheid? Residential segregation declines in U.S. metros

Cultivating Wisdom: U-M studies identify a promising way

Obama's election reduced perceptions of racism, but boosted opposition to race-related policies

Persuasive speech: The way we, um, talk sways our listeners

Study illuminates the 'pain' of social rejection

Air pollution linked to poorer student health, performance

Many U.S. women have children by more than one man

The Population Bomb: How we survived it

It's all in a name: 'Global warming' versus 'climate change'

Quit smoking: Brain scans predict success(Watch video here.)

I will leave the links right in so you can read them for yourselves. I am finding a very liberal highbrow thinking. Very intellectual and not for the common man and it would seem they want it that way. They do surveys studies of cultures families people groups students and such to put out a two cents worth opinion but folks as you read through this site you will see that they have input. They are another part of the whole here and their job is to provide relevant information on how society is changing. Their input reflects back how well the spin of quiet conditioning on societies everywhere is doing.Now as with all these think tank and input facilities some of what they have to say is very helpful. Case in point one article shows how we actually endure real physical pain in rejection. Likening it to being burned by hot coffee is the pain of a unwanted breakup. Who knew? Now armed with this information what can someone do to thrash the soul of a man to the breaking point of changing allegiances oh say to AntiChrist?

What are they saying? That we are globally related in relevant ways that there is to be a leveling influence in our innate similarities? In one article they explain the treatment of the elderly as competing with the next generation the babies for dwindling resources thus it doesnt take the village to raise a child? It might take the village elders to starve the kid instead? So lets rid ourselves of the "competition" and suddenly you have the mindset of today. They are old or they are damaged and they live competing with the young virile perfect youth for dwindling resources...

Not pretty is it? Thanks to places like this and the studies they do. We can now lay ourselves down in fear. But christian, Jesus is the definer that defies the patent mold of society and He gives dignity grace and healing to every age and stripe of life.

Now the above is what I said based on what I read. This is what they say on their About page.

The University of Michigan Institute for Social Research (ISR) is the world's largest academic social science survey and research organization. We are a leader in developing and applying new social science methods, and we are committed to educating the next generation of social scientists. After a rich 60-year history, we continue to broaden our scientific reach through international ventures and new collaboration with federal agencies, foundations, corporations, and private individuals.

ISR serves as a telescope on society, bringing the attitudes and behavior of people into clearer focus. Our annual budget of more than $80 million supports the research of more than 200 scientists from 20 disciplines, including psychology, business, economics, public health, demography, statistics, and engineering.

Our large survey studies include the Reuters/University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers, the Health & Retirement Study, the National Survey of American Life, the Monitoring the Future Study, the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, and the World Values Study. These studies—providing data on voting behavior, teen drug and alcohol use, consumer confidence, the health and economic status of Black Americans, and other topics—are among our most visible work. But we also develop and test survey methodologies; conduct experimental studies; maintain and distribute the world's largest archive of social science data; and train and educate researchers and students from around the world in survey methodology and survey research.

I stand justified here... they unashamedly admit their research is being fed into those who can take their information and make laws or things to program us as they want us to be.

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