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On Monarch Programming

as I began to look up on youtube for the programming I came across a band from their album of detuned heavily driven music (liked the guitar licks toward the end though they were very well done) witht he picture of two demons the girl as a sucubus type and the guy sporting a rack of antlers for his horns of hell... they would be the damned.

Off the album
I Monarch
In this being, in flesh, There can be no absolution,
Therefor I must shed my skin, in a world so fabled, so false.

I, Monarch
Master of what shall be,
I, Monarch,
I, Monarch,
Captor of what I seek,
I, Monarch,

In this shell, in flesh, There can be no solitude,
I will not live in this facade, In a world of contradiction.

I, Monarch
Master of what shall be,
I, Monarch
Captor of what I seek,
I, Monarch,
I, Monarch,
Victor of all battles,
I, Monarch,
I, Monarch,
Sovereign of this domain,
I, Monarch,
To those who oppose me, death! Thou shalt die!
I, Monarch!

This is on youtube and your kids may be into it. This is the new very pervasive thought with a lot of teens. Teens who merely brush it off.

I am less fazed than most but I am unpleasnatly surprised. by it.

This is a part of our overall programing in society right now to turn us as Christians away from Jesus.

This being shared on to the Monarch mind control programming

This is a sample of what new agers believe... the star seeds are demons....

I Monarch Official Video (I think this is it. It shows I commented on it but they dont post the comment.)

In the interval since firat doing this page youtube has discontinued certain videos which possibly went up under other URLs.

This is the first Mk Ultra Mind Control Documentary: Techniques & Celebrities Revealed

This is the second Trance-Fromation Of America

In either these or other youtube items on this subject there is mention Montauk style programming. From what little I am gathering it turns out a DELTA type programmed person... a killer. This is just one of the many things being done to destabilise people for the day when AntiChrist comes.

In some of my forays of research the concept of the programmed sleeper who is programmed to train others, has been broached. In a seven year bid to "take over the world" "The Brain" will need a vast army of charismatic so and sos who can give humanity a mental makeover.

Think about it.

Monarch programming gets its name from the butterfly. Whether its because the butterfly seems to be born knowing where to spawn the next generation or because of the dramatic transformation from caterpillar to butterfly may be irrelevant. This programing is designed to be performed on children. It destroys the soul by shattering it ON PURPOSE.

If you have ever come across a broken or shattered soul that happened because of event trauma that God has healed you would be told of the pain. Evil, absolute evil would inflict this one anyone PURPOSEFULLY.

In the military assasins are formed through a variant of this type of disociative programming. (Bourne the movie... where do THEY get their ideas from?) The need to protect people with secrets from those who want those secrets of national security may be one thing. But to hazard a child to these activities.

Here is another video.

CIA Mind Control Techniques: MK-ULTRA Program Brainwashing Experiments Documentary (1979)
O.S.S. is Office of Strategic Services the first Inteligence Agency.

Mind Control 1979 Project MK Ultra Documentary CIA LSD Experiments


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