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Stanford Research Institute

They have a web site.

From thier About Us page:

SRI International is an independent, nonprofit research institute conducting client-sponsored research and development for government agencies, commercial businesses, foundations, and other organizations. SRI also brings its innovations to the marketplace by licensing its intellectual property and creating new ventures.

SRI was founded as Stanford Research Institute in 1946 by a group of West Coast industrialists and Stanford University. SRI formally separated from the University in 1970, and we changed our name to SRI International in 1977. For 65 years, our strengths have been our staff's world-leading expertise and passion for working with clients on important challenges. SRI is well known for its legacy of innovations in communications and networkscomputingeconomic development and science and technology policyeducationenergy and the environmentengineering systemspharmaceuticals and health scienceshomeland security and national defense,materials and structures, and robotics

Now they are not a college. They are not educating anyone. They are a problem solving entity.

With over 1000 patents and pending patents they are the money gods of this age. Raking it in certain levels licensing their goods and services to the world and they are making good money giving start up businesses a leg up.

They make the toys that make the world have fun and the tools that make it spin.

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