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Founded 1973.

Founded from the pckets of David Rockefeller through the architecture of one Zbigniew Brzeznski. This professor wrote a book "America between two ages" On page 8 I quote ..."a new pattern of international politics is emerging. The world is ceasing to be an arena which relatively self-contained,"soveriegn " and homogeneous nations interact, collaborate, clash of make war. International politics, in the original sense of the term, were born when groups of people began to indentify themselves and others in mutually exclusive terms (territory, language, symbols, beliefs), and when that indentification became in turn the dominant factor in relations between these groups. The concept of national interest based on geographical factors, traditional animosities or friendships, economics and security considerations implied a degree of autonomy and specificity that was possible only so long as nations sufficiently seperated in and space to have both the room, to maneuver and the distance needed to maintain separate identity.

...During the classical era of international politics weapons communications economic and ideaology were all essentially national in scope. with the invention of modern artillery weaponry required national arsenals and standing armies, in more recnt times it could be effectively rapidly deployed by one nation against the frontiers of another. communications especially since the invention of the steams engine and resulting age of railroads reinforced national integration by making it possible to move people and goods across most nations in a pereiod of time rarely exceeding two days. National economies frequently resting on autarkic principles stimulated both the awareness and the development of collective vested interest protected by tarrif walls. Nationalism so personalized community feelings that the nation became an extensin of the ego.

All four factors mentioned are becoming global. Weapons of total destrucive power can be applied at any point on the globe in a matter of minutes in less time in fact than it takes police in a major city to respond to an emergency call. The entire globe is in closer reach and touch than a middle sized european power was to its own capital fifty years ago.

Transnational ties are gaining in importance, while the claims of nationalism, though still intense are nonetheless becoming diluted. The change naturally has gone furthest in the most advanced countries but no country is now immune to it. The consequence is a new era an era of the global Political process.

Yet though the process is global real unity of mankind remains remote. The contemporary world is undergoing a change in many respects similar to that prompted by an earlier appearance of large populations centers... (America... p 8)

... Life seems to lack cohesion as environment rapidly alters and humans beings become increasingly manipulable and malleable. Everythings seems more transitory and temporary: external reality more fluid than solid the human being more synthetic than authentic. Even our senses percieve an entirely novel "reality" one of own making but nevertheless in terms of our sensations quite "real" More important there is already widesread concern about the possibility of biological and chemical tampering with what has until now now been deliberate control. Man is increasingly acquiring the capacity to determine the sex of his children to affect through drugs the extent of their intellignece and to modify and control their personalities. Speaking of a furtute at most only decades away an expirementor in intelligence control asserted. "I foresee a time when we shall have the means and therefore inevitably the temptation the bahavior and intellectual functioning of all the people through environmental and biochemical manipulaton of the brain....(availability of more options in life leading to information overload and humanity finding ways to narrow it down) (America... p 12)

instead of accepting himself as a spontanaeus given man in the most advanced sociteties may become more concerned with conscious self analysis according to external explicit criteria: "what is my IQ", "what are my aptitudes?", "personailty traits?", "capacilities?", "attractions?", and "negative features?"? The "internal man" spontaneously accepting his own spontaneity will more and more be challenged by the "external man" consciously seeking his self conscious image and the transition from one to the other may not be easy. It will also give rise to difficult problems in determining the legitimate scope of social control. the possibility of extensive chemical mind control the danger of loss of individuality inherent in extensive transplantation the feasibility of manipulatinf the genetic sructures will call for the social definition of common criteria of use and restraint. As the previous cited writer put it,"... while the chemical affects the individual the person is significant to himself and to society in his social context at work at home at play. the consequences are social consequences. in deciding how to deal with such alterers of the ego and of experience (and consequently alterers of the personality after the experience) and in deciding how to deal with the 'changed' human beings we will have to face new questions such as "Who am I "? and "when am I who?" "who are they in relation to me?"
(Daniel Bell. "The Creation of a New Intellectual Technology"..."The Measurement of Knowledge and Technology Indicators of Social Change" edited by Eleanor Sheldon and Wilbert Moore NY 1968 p 152-53)) (America...p 12)

Monarch mind controlled people have been through a trauma based force disociative process wherein the structured disociation produces selves that can be programmed for .... whatever fits the bill. such people are studied to see what type of programming will best suit them.

They, if they knew what was what, would be thinking and anyone with DID who KNOWS they have it DOES THINK in terms of who am I? and when am I who? They need to inflict this on a populace for social control?


The religion issue specifically the problem of the catholic church where as problem of protestants not yet fully discussed....Speaking of the catholic church and its decline... Brezezinski states " as the church fades for some the disintegraton of its controls will doubtless mean license for many it will simply be a matter of indifference but for others it will be the beginning of a much more direct more personal less ritualized relationship to God." (America...p38)

zbigniew brzezinski between two ages pdf

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Thus the flesh the external fading beauty becomes more important than the imperishable internal because the options afford the necesity of conformity to what will exploit the most lucrative choice. The transformation or social paradox for the purposes of these people cannot seemingly go unaddressed. It would seem that social comformity is a must. Daniel Bell writes on the need to control the populace and for control of the controllers in 1968! Brzezinski wrote the book quoting Bell in 1970. There ought to be a clue here. The late 60s was giving rise or decline to the free love era. The hippy the drugs the music Woodstock the free sex and the baby boom of its own, which gets swallowed or given voice to in the Vietnam War. The 70s will be best known by most for these two words; WATERGATE. This is the scandal that tossed a president from office. (in all fareness though it is thought Nixon did end Vietnam and bring our boys home. If so why is there still a line and a demilitarized zone we watch over?)

Brzezenski goes on to say a whole lot more .... his ideas are being realized right now. Moreover after David Rockefeller read this particular book is it purported that he went and hired the man to form the trilateral commission as the architect. The trilateral commision is based on the book. this is part of the network the web in which we are all now inextricably trapped.

Now add to this the internet and the global comms arrays that transmits images in real time and where as the stock market was updated during the day and investors wait or the ticker to make their decisions they now have up to the second instant live access to realtime information. Their dicisions are now based in the immediate and the now. Reactive instead of proactive again dominates thought and because the data stream of facts is in constant flux mistakes get made which contribute to a destabilization of ecnomic factors. This kind of knee jerk responding is what got us into the pickle we are in currently. When our stockarket fell seriously and the economic prosperity bubble burst the panic was worsened by the inexperienced panic. Today we suffer from an overload of choice and of intimacy. The net and the computer bring the world into our minds in a way TV never did. We can endlessly surf the net on almost any topic. In fact the data overload of information is so bad that we have begun to be paralized in our descision mking processes and thus the birth of a social descision making site called BING. Why we can while away whole days on online entertainment for a price. Meanwhile we are not getting our work done or our job productivity is slipping.

The book itself leans toward a softer and gentler form of communism in a totalitarian state. This is what creates the Global Village. Meanwhile look at the whose who list of members of the trilateral Commission! Trilateral commission list 2017

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The policies being implimented by this one orgnizations belief system destabilizes National Boundaries and Ethno Socio cultures. We would be and are being blended into a homogenous humanity. Homogenization works in milk but I am not so certain it is a good thing for global populations.

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