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Stanford Research and The Aquarian Conspiracy

aquarian conspiracy
In the PDF by, it all seems to start with the sixties drug counterculture with certain notables in both the experimental drug culture and the satanic/wiccan/witchcraft/what have you underground movements and undercurrents that were slowly nibbling away at Christian resolve. (If you want to destroy an enemy who is religious you must triumph over their god or make them think you did.)

These notables found psychedelics were the drug of choice to "play" with minds and perhaps "reprogram" them. If that were not enough places like Tavistock guided more programs... (expound from article) The underpinnings of a new way of thinking began in what came of the experiments according to the author.

I cite these things as we have looked at all these organizations which share a common theme. Humanity United for Purpose: To DEFINE SELF DESTINY.

First off this may be all well and dnady for the average joe but for the Believer this is a disastrous way of thinking because it is Jesus who defines us and our destinies.

Sadly I am currently unable to acquire this book to read but it apparently weaves a web of the counter culture of the sixties as being the supposed seed bed for this movement. Now there are a lot of sources out there that suggest that the free flowing sixties gave rise to a meeting of minds, perhaps enhanced on mind altering substances, but to talk about their social and world views and out of this may have come the mind set we see so prevalently today. We do know abou the LSD experience and Peyote experimentation. In the MK ULTRA project drugs were used there as well for a time. Bio feedback is a reality and this author has actually participated in it as a teenager. It DOES work. One thing we have to understand is that scientifically we dont use ALL our little brain and thus we really DONT KNOW what's not being used whether its turned off or what have you. We also dont know how it is accessed. Does itr require mind alteration? (Then let the Son apply the Scripture to RENEW the MIND) Apparently also this entire book was the project of Ferguson under a professor at Stanford.

Now Stanford itself has a reputation for a very liberal take of things. This is from the history page. Pay attention to the mindset of the founder. Leland Stanford.

"Leland Stanford, who grew up and studied law in New York, moved West after the gold rush and, like many of his wealthy contemporaries, made his fortune in the railroads. He was a leader of the Republican Party, governor of California and later a U.S. senator. He and Jane had one son, who died of typhoid fever in 1884 when the family was traveling in Italy. Leland Jr. was just 15. Within weeks of his death, the Stanfords decided that, because they no longer could do anything for their own child, "the children of California shall be our children." They quickly set about to find a lasting way to memorialize their beloved son.

The Stanfords considered several possibilities – a university, a technical school, a museum. While on the East Coast, they visited Harvard, MIT, Cornell and Johns Hopkins to seek advice on starting a new university in California. (See note regarding accounts of the Stanfords visit with Harvard President Charles W. Eliot.) Ultimately, they decided to establish two institutions in Leland Junior's name - the University and a museum. From the outset they made some untraditional choices: the university would be coeducational, in a time when most were all-male; non-denominational, when most were associated with a religious organization; and avowedly practical, producing "cultured and useful citizens."

What do we see here? Co-ed and Non Denominational. Now this will open doors for every stripe of viewpoint to enter its doors. When the Educational system strays away from God the Nation will soon follow and it has. Consider the person of Madelyn Murray O'Hare. She actually had a degree from Texas Law and never stepped foot in this University but she may as well have. For to protect her son who later became a Christian this avid Athiest and president of a national Athiest group successfully got prayer banned from Public Schools citing first ammendment rights. In the years that have followed the liberalistic view of the Constitution as a Living Document has managed to remove the Ten Commandments (If you truly wanted to know what love was it was spelled out there.) from schools libraries monuments and government places and public places. This may have back as far as the culmination of the Second World War. (It may also be a clue to a mindset that was actually damaged by the blood shed onto the ground in all thos places, like as if the entire world was traumatized!) But here was a fertile birthing ground for all that we see today. For more on Standford look here.

One error here. According to the book from which I am trying to gather some information, Thomas Huxley was involved in the Round Table and what was called The Atlantean Conspiracy or Fabian Movement. When I review my previous sources this name never comes up. However have you all ever read his son Aldus Huxley's Brave New World? Read it and then look around you. You're in it. We medicate our elderly and throw them in homes so they can live out there lives in bliss. Not really though, basically they live in brokeness. The LSD and Peyotee open minded "if it feels good do it" movement came in full force in the sixties in the whole tune out turn on concept of the drug hippie, yippie culture. Now what Huxley DOES contribute to this morass of the thought is Darwinism. Apparently he was known in his day as the Bull Dog of Darwin. For his vigorous stance on Evolution. He also coined the term Agnostic and became the founder of agnosticism. Agnosticism is a door to the Madelyn Murray O'Hares of the future as it plants doublt on the existance of God. Being a proponent of Evolution however would have had to have cast doubt on any need for a Creator, after all we owe our human condition to the great apes right? They give thanks to the Primordial Ooze. (Sure and that stamp you licked ought to just SEND you!) Is it any wonder Aldous the writer penned such a glorious future for us all? One other fact i must point out is the Freedom to express ourselves. I can put out this little website because of that freedom and those whose ambitions are a bit larger can press onto this Nation their views and with enough law degrees pass legislation to enforce it. In fact strictly speaking that little line about the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, could actually permit for the consumption of these wonderfully mind ruining substances and "if it hurt none" well the gatherings of these like minded individuals gather enough steam and we have a society of today on the brink of self anihilation.

Add to this intoxicating little mix Universal Historian Arold J Toynbee. His world view is quite amazing... He chaired the RIIA for some time and was one of the original members of the Rhodes-Milner Group in 1891. This group apparently became the Round Table later on. Now these are not robed members with bell book and candle chanting gregorian wiccan spells of binding and blinding to future generations ( thought they may as well have been) but rather like minded men who under the auspices of our freedom to gather (public assembly interpreted as clubs) and talk ( freedom of speech) began to network their thinking and find other groups who thought likewise. This is from a source on the book about Toynbee. " Toynbee's "theory" of history, expounded in his twenty-volume History of Western civilization, was that its determining culture has always been the rise and decline of grand imperial dynasties. At the very point that these dynasties -- the "thousand year Reich" of the Egyptian pharaohs, the Roman Empire, and the British Empire -- succeed in imposing their rule over the entire face of the earth, they tend to decline. Toynbee argued that this decline could be abated if the ruling oligarchy (like that of the British Roundtable) would devote itself to the recruitment and training of an ever expanding priesthood dedicated to the principles of imperial rule" (Nice isnt it?)

Yes if your want your ideas to survive you, you need to have disciples, to "reproduce yourself" in someone else. You see these people talked amongst themselves and came to their own mental ascents. They networked (The Round Table was a massive and simple networking devise) and they found other groups whose ideas were similar and then they began to talk about these ideas everywhere, especially at the lecture halls of colleges and universities everywhere. Now the fawning youth who needed their grades and diplomas degrees are hanging on their every word and they graduate and they become our politicians, our educators, our lawmakers, our presidents (Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar), our leadership, teachers, administrators, bussinessmen, et al. They will service you, teach you, and tell you how to live and what you can now do and not do. Now thats not so bad until you realize the ideas themselves run against The Truth. (In some cases they run against simple sanity.)

Now we add to this the Tomothy Learys and other notables and the entertainment industry and a major shift in the sisxties begins. By the way, do you remember the rock operas Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar? How about the song the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius? Indeed, Aldus Huxley went to Oxford where Toynbee taught. Huxley went to become famous for Brave New World. Aldus and his brother also sat under the teaching of H G Wells. Aldus became and inniate of Children of the Sun. Children of the Sun have a website. Now when you open the page, you see a stylized Star of David which is actually a bunch of pyramids in a 3D type thing.A sunbeam "Eye" above it and the words Ambassadors of Light Assisting the Ascension of Humanity. (say what?!) They are a humanitarian outreach organization. This is what they have to say "Children of the Sun Foundation is a global platform of planetary Light Servers. Our charity to Earth is in ensuring we form global Group Avatar... empty of self and one with coherently connected, ascended and free Unity Consciousness. Our collective intention as evolutionary leaders is to spawn a worldwide spiritual revelation resulting in a mass goodwill movement… amongst all nations, all people, from every level and walk of life. Global Peace is here." They say they "assist people with spiritual awakening" (not a revival at the local Baptist church), "activate a new consciousness matrix"... yes folks this is a cult. Heres another that gets mentioned The hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Yes they have a web site. On the very bottom of the first page the index you will find this: Golden Dawn Research Center a service of the hermetic order of the gold dawn outer order ofthe rosicrucian oder of alpha et omega, their logo is the star of David with the cross transfixed in it. They are delving into something they call Western Mystery Tradition. thats their website.

I could go on and on but to be briefer in this expose of the conspiracy there is a linking of the cults zen, egyptian, occultic, etc to the use of mescaline, LSD, peyote and the like and MK Ultra ( Huxley is implimented here as well) Rand Corporation, Tavistock, Timothy Leary, and some literature even I am mildly familiar with. The thing here again is this, the MINDSET. People like these got the Beatles, the Animals, Rolling Stones in and the whole of which had music designed for "head tripping" (though this author never did the hard stuff there was a time when young and stupid also meant a little weed a little booze and some head music.) What you need to think through is that the Aquarius Age is to be that enlightenment of consciousness of self actualization or so open minded the brains leaked out and the demons crawled in. These leaders will be happy to contribute to the future regime of AntiChrist. Guaranteed.

To find out more try: Fair warning though not all the writers allegations actually prove out.

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