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The War Fighter, the soldier out in the field who is at risk. There is an agency in Washington called DARPA.

Here is a little Youtube on what they are cooking up for our Soldiers.

Worlds MOST FEARED DARPA Technology for US Military (Message to world) 2016

Is this a good thing? Yes if your are "over there" but what stops them from turning the lense inward?

Now Folks this is from NOVA

Robots Artificial Intelligence and Darpa Documentary Nova Full

While all this sounds very "geewiz" there is buzz about "super soldiers". One of Darpa's projects is an exosuit that takes the fatigue out of fatiging exercise. But Genetically Modified Soldiers? Well GI's have been lab rats before, what's to stop the USA fomr doing so some more?

Darpa is but the avowed military arm of Technology. But all around us there is a Technology that is taking the world "somewhere".

On The Agenda and Threads pages I have discussed the plot of the people who have for generations been coming together plotting planning and with their fingers into much political and social "pie" have been quietly making changes to all the peoples of the world.

But HOW? How does a cadre a group a like minded fellowship of very wealthy social aristocrats with insanely deep pockets manipulate 7.7 billion people (that figure from Google as of 2019)? I am 58 as of this posting so i did not grow up in it. My children born in 1989 and 1993 did grow up in it. It is in your pocket and you will see this page via it. I am using the infrastructure of it to give this message. You have to use if you want to exist nowadays. You will mostly go to the store and not carry coin or currency as it is to easy to be robbed of the money but if the card goes and you can get to the internet or your bank well ... you can "turn it off" or shut it down. In the last line of text I gave you a big fat set of clues. You live in your children suckle on it as a babe to a bottle or breast. You children know more about it that you do, unless you are a teen or thirty something.

IT is Technology. Cell Phones with Social Media, Internet access, games, you can even go "geek" and have all sorts of interesting apps to educate yourself or become a second brain for yourself. (Too bad Alzheimer's will make you forget how to access all that stored memory.) The affore mentioned Dementia condition is exploding in epidemic, pandemic proportions and is slated to be near if not number one destroyer of lives in the very near future. (This page is put up in 2020) Is it just a sign of old age or might it be a sign of an aging brain on overload from too much technologically insanely fast paced living? (Could diet play into it as well? Noone knows.) IT is running the laptop or desktop or notepad or tablet you are using to read this line of text. IT has not always been. I married in 1982 and in that time there were no computers unless they were for the military or banks or really top secret labs or medical research and those took up whole rooms and were only meant to be run on what is called an intranet network. Just one building with cables behind walls hooking up stations to a mainframe so that stuff that needed to be processed faster than human communication and the postal service could get done. Carpal Tunnel from keyboard work was unheard of. (Today the writer of this page has it.)

IT runs the internet which was also not in existence when I was growing up. We went outside and played, because it was the only way to be entertained as kids. We had physical toys, and neighbor kids to play with. We were physically social and learned from direct interaction our social skills. I was married when my husband bought a Commodore 32, then a 64 and then a 128 where we had to sit for hours to program in from magazines with machine code, anything we wanted to do on the "computer" we really thought it was the greatest thing. Then my husband brought home a desktop from a company called Compact. I was furious because he had "sold out" from the purist Commodore to the "good ship Microsoft with its Pirate at the helm" (Gates has been called far worse) Now I am using a Microsoft Windows 10 system running a software designed for the production of web pages and think nothing of it. We were there when the Internet went online for the very first time. We were there for Netscape and Chat rooms and text games run via the internet. We thought that was soooo cool!

What I have today makes that look small, very small. Want to make your voice heard? Get a Facebook page a GoDaddy web site (like this one), a Twitter account. Myspace used to be the social go to until Zuckerman and Facebook.

Then came Amazon. The Church decried the credit card and the dreaded debit card. They warned that cash would eventually become obsolete. Whats in YOUR wallet? Got coin? Got a bill, maybe two? Does your card have a chip? (Oh dear and now you are "chipped" and on your way to hell!) (So is your pastor!) Wait, so is the Church in general in most all the civilized world. (Crap!)

Isnt it a good thing that apparently that is NOT the mark of the beast?

But wait, it gets better. 3D Printers will not custom make things to fit on your body. Wearable Tech is the next new thing. We are also working on bionics to make the handicap less handicapped. We have mapped the Genome of man and are working our way through it to learn all we can about eliminating diseases. While that is a good thing we are also learning about how to "improve ourselves". The day may even come when we can attain an instant technologically assisted Age of Enlightenment. Or are we in the beginnings of said age right now?

Before Its News put out a youtube (By the way, there is another huge means to manipulate 7.7 billion people.) on things like the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution I know about came at the turn of the 19th Century. Trains and Factories belching Carbon emissions like they just didnt care were and are the backbone of the Nations as they stand today and appear to be the standard pattern of modernization from third world to first world national status. However what my history books called the Age of Industry of Industral Revoluntion is actually now broken down into three and now four Revolutions.

Steam driven machinery is where it all started. Boil that water and use the steam pressure to work it! Hailed as a great labor saver and the transportation of the future unless the boiler blew up then it was decried as the most dangerous death trap ever. This is number one. It all started in the late 18th century.

The Age of Science or perhaps or as Wikipedia via Google puts it as the Age Of Reason and The Enlightenment of the mid to late 1800s or the Victorian Era, is the next Industrial Revolution. Out of this came a better understanding of the Human Condition and medicine. This Era is also the most Spiritually inclined one too. Theosophy was a big thing back in those days. Spiritism Occult Eastern philosphies were "rediscovered" and they led to their contributions to the sciences of medicine for the body and understanding the Human Psyche. The modern mindset of a reduced consience and dismissed God centered truths in exchanged for the knowlege of "Self". It birthed the mindset for the 1960s, 70s 80s and beyond. How do I prosper? Whats in it for ME? (Guilty as charged and I am writing about it!)

This Age gave rise to the Age or Era of Mass Production which is the rocket fuel that makes everything that follows, possible. Without this that thing in your pocket that vibrates and rings that is illegal to text on while driving would not be possible, nor would its network. It started out humbly in the early 19th century for industry like shipwrights, with lathes that would create a uniform set of parts machined by hand but while it did improve certain industries like Nautical and Automotive for instance, the real mass production of true assembly lines came in with a little thing called Electricity. In the beginning of the Twentieth Century Electricity began to power the Factory and enable it to step up production. In a way when this became cheap, efficient, stable, and productive the end of child labor became a possibility. Little hands were perhaps not so much needed. (Well, at least in the UK and America they were less needed) This may also be the Modern Era.

Then came the Age Of Technology or Electronics and the Information Age which is purportedly the Third Industrial Revolution. It started with a man named Bell, whose invention founded its own industry. That was Telecommunications. Over time it went from lines on poles to towers with microwave broadband radio signals et al. Guglielmo Marconi became the known inventor of Radio with Nicolai Tesla and the Tesla Coil vying for attention. Debate rages after which man actually got Radio off the ground first. Go on the internet and make your own choice. Philo Farnsworth invents the elements that make up the ability to broadcast and view image and sound over distances via Television possible. Percy Spencer gave us the Microwave Oven or Radar Range as it was called. Radio transmission telecommunications was tested during the great World Wars limitedly. But it took innovations in the techonology used to run Telecommunications via radio signals run in cars. The electronics needed for hand held wireless cellular techonology were developed over time by names like, Atalla and kahng whose transistor technological contribution allowed for the creation of the wireless handheld telecommunications set the modern business world abuzz.  MOSFET (metal-oxide-silicon field-effect transistor) is the foundation for your smart phones ability to reach out and do stuff. Advances in this one element are the reason why we have Networks of 4G and the new 5G cellular networks. For all this your little friend in your pocket that beeps buzzes and vibrates bringing you all the information entertainment and social interaction you will ever desire right to your mind. Men like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, made software for the boxes called Personal Computers that they designed with the typewriter build right into the system. (No need for White Out here, just delete that.) The addition of a devise named after an animal added a whole new layer of stuff your personal computing system can do for you. Now the MOSFET electronics advancements are about to bring Internet wireless computer network users something called the 5G network for the whole neigborhood from ATT. Radio Frequency carried on highpowered microwave beams give us WIRELESS. Wireless opens the next Revolution.

But we have not stopped there. Virtual Reality with headsets that utilize stereo binocular vision asllow you to literally be in an empty room in reality and be the god of your own universe in virtuality. In time we will have a "Brave New World" with President, Emporer Aldous Huxley at the helm. For those of you who get the inference, kudos, the rest of you can Google it. Burn a little Patchuoli will ya? (For those of you who got that one.... all I can say is WOW, you are literate and you read the book!) (The rest of you might want to Google the reference to the book name. Who knows there might even be a movie.) This is the 4th Industrial Revolution. The rise of the Age of Disruptive technology. This is the shake up of an interlocked interconnected network of input. As minds make electronic and digital advancements each new thing DISPLACES or DISRUPTS the pervious. It is why 5 minutes after your purchase of bleeding edge Tech you see a commercial for something new making your brand new "toy" virtually obsolete. Business and Commerce are adoring this by the way and your bank account is paying the price. But there are a couple constants here, one of which has been around for at least a decade...your Smart Phone uses it. IT is the backbone of it. Information Technology is what allows for Artifical Intelligence. It is where we are now. But it is evolving into the 5th.

The 4th Revolution goes into the 5th. The internet was a start but it was about people being connected. Our tech was considered "passive" it didnt get sleepy or have feelings or a brain of its own, it just ran programs. It was dumb. But we wanted more so we made tech smart. It is to the point where not only are you connected to everyone on the world wide web but so is your computer. If you have the kind of tech like a smart phone then it too is connected. So much so that we are now looking at a internet of things. Things are connected both by the internet drop line and when it all finally rolls out and all the companies do this... wirelessly. You are beginning to have no say in your tech's actions. Some like it that way but .... somewhere someone has to be doing the Programming.
We already have software that watches us as we watch the internet. GOOGLE masterfully notes where we go with "cookies" and what we spend the most time looking at. It notes what we buy and where we buy it. AMAZON sells to so many people so many different genres of things and each time we buy on it.... that data is collected to determine what we are most likely to want next and steer us toward the purchase. Genius!

Its almost as if there were a great brain out there somewhere....

Aura not the glow about you but the AI system that will link to other AI systems and "assist your thinking" or "assisted decision making". Designed for the DoD or Department of Defense it is there to speed up the human strategic decision making process. It doesnt REPLACE our intelligence it just helps us to make the decisions. It is apparently designed not for combat but for maintainance of combat weaponry and transportation. Aura links AIs together to put out more data faster to help you the user to make better decisions about things like aircraft maintainace. Thats actually quite useful but... human ingenuity never stops on the battle field does it? Creating Your Future.

EEG reading devises. Equipment meant to link to your brain and read your mind and transmit it to another brain. Telempathy meets technology. Does anyone know why the people of this planet are not inherently wired to touch each others minds? If we can communicate without our words mind to mind... then with but a thought the criminal mind can just kill and go on killing every mind its touches.
But perhaps that day will never come. First we need to "hack the brain" and get "connected" to the web. So far you can touch a screen and select a thing and do a thing, like watch a video or make a phone call. But for the handicapped there are technologies that use the movement of the eye or the sound of the voice to select a thing to do a thing. The ultimate plan is to go past that to a direct wire to the brain and read the neural network and have us think about doing the thing and the tech will auto select and innitialize the activity. Of course there is that one thing called emotion that could be a problem. Have you ever wanted to crown someone with a fry pan? Or have you ever said I was so fill in the blank I couldve killed so and so? In a neural enhanced world ... that person would have brain damage at the very least and die at the very most. We have the microprocessors but do we dare wet wire them to ourselves?

Now the greater question is this: Where is Christ in all this? Technically doesnt this constitute an ANTICHRIST ideology? Right now is your tech replacing your time in prayer? I use tech to digitally guide me through Scripture through the whole bible in a year, year after year. But I have no Tech to help me connect with the Living God in prayer.

The spirit of Anti Christ or Instead of Christ is already pervasive throughout the whole human world. But these technologies can make a new god, and they will. Its only a matter of time.
So the Fifth Industrial Revolution seems to be the merging of man with machine in a cyborg sybiotic linked in mental smorgasbord for the one entity that will best benefit from it, the Demonic. Christ speaks through His written Word and His Living Spirit, but this god will speak to our soul and body. One liberates, the other enslaves.
Whose are you and whom do you serve?

Something to think about

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