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Mary Knoll Mission

Well for starters they do have a website that takes a slice of eternity to load.

From the web site it looks harmless enough. It would seem they are a catholic sponsored organization doing missions work but, even missionaries can go astray; especially when you add unordained LAY MISSIONARIES. Who is to say that hidden agendas didnt ride the back of what might be a real and worthwhile missions group.

What is lacking is a real about us page. Instead they have their where we serve and how we serve pages. This is from the how we serve section.

Civil and Human Rights

Living in many countries around the world gives Maryknoll Sisters the opportunity to focus on Civil and Human Rights in their ministries. 

They do this at the UN level by advocating on issues and initiatives of peace, social justice and the integrity of creation. Many are active in diocesan or national justice and peace groups or offices, obtaining legal services for the poor among other services. Their experience varies from executive director of a national ecumenical commission of human rights to using theatre with youth to reflect on justice issues.


In Kenya there is a multicultural peace building team and another “Sister without borders” who works in crisis intervention and reconciliation. Sisters working on borders or in migrant ministries in various countries can advocate for civil and human rights of migrants first hand while also ministering to the needs of the migrants.

Did You Know?

Now I want to point out somsthings here that are red flags for a christian organization that sets this into a mere religious thing. "National Ecumenical Commission" Ecumenisism is also known as Inter Faith. Or ANY FAITH. It does not see the Christ of God as the ONLY WAY. This organization also works closely with the Interfaith Center... Ecumenical entitites are always a bad idea because they will follow when AntiChrist comes. They are also teaching scripture... and as ecumenical i wonder how they convey the "I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes unto the Father but by Me" statement.

In their Economic Developement section they are re-teaching impovrished areas to become more or less self sufficient and even in some cases have small businesses. These sisters are not mere religious, some of them have major degrees. But Catholicism for a long time has merged the sacred and secular together.

In their Education section we find women with diverse degrees whose services are used widely in all areas od the educational system even and including the training of teachers and staff, again not a bad thing.

Again in the Health Care they are on front lines everywhere as medical professionals and social workers and more. Still all harmless.

Now once again we find them in their Patoral Care mixing into interfaith entities to help support,and while they are teaching scriptures.... it seems a bit diluted to me.

They have Peace Making Teams that pray and that go into conflict areas to help in negotiations and counseling for the victims of war. Now this is sounding so very laudible is it not? Are not these things some of the very things we are supposed to be doing?

As expected their Women's Advocacy program is geared to deal with victims of domestic violence, trafficking, and what I will call, cultural suppression.

This sounds so good it makes me want to join. But this is Martha doing church and where is Mary who is being church? Or is this the mandate type?

As for Youth Issues their work ranges from teaching tae kwon do to korean street children so as to improve self esteem and discipline...(???) to youth ministry to the hand in hand educational aspect to helping trafficked children to... you name it.

Once again I have to wonder where is Jesus in this? THey say they are making Love Visible. Love originates in Christ... but its diluted and muted. Any otrher organizatuon could do all they do. FInally I redirect your attention to this:

Did You Know?

Its on every page. Who is ICCR?

Now this is where these nice ladies and all their "doing church" and I disagree.

Under Need a Bridge to Compassion? A Spiritual Journey ( of a Mary Knoll sister who shall remain unnamed. The following is edited to remove her name ONLY)

Post-trauma reconciliation and solidarity among survivors are ways people can heal from heartrending events. We all can use these tools to achieve mental clarity in our lives after  episodes that often are beyond our control. "Transformative Journeys Towards Wellness," a day-long program in Honoluluon October 13, brings together workshop leaders to do just that.A Maryknoll Sister is the keynote speaker. Below, she shares some ideas for spiritual recovery shaped by her unique family experience and her ministry in Peru.


What do you have to bring to “Journeys to Wellness”?  

"I will be sharing from my dissertation work--"Bridges to Compassion: Theological Pilgrimage to Tule Lake and Manzanar," which focuses on the spiritual practices of collective memory, post-trauma reconciliation, and solidarity as ways of healing and wellness for the individual and community. Its emphasis is on social wellness, in some ways."


How has your ministry in Peru shaped how you see "wellness"?

"My return to Manzanar (a U.S. government internment camp where my father and grandfather were detained during World War II, along with the Maryknoll Japanese Catholic parish community from Los Angeles, and 10,000 others) was sparked by my learnings and friendship with the Aymara people in the southern Andes Mountains of Peru.Their religious practice relates profoundly with the earth. Land holds memory, embedded with spiritual resonance through regular pilgrimages, prayer and rituals."

How do you re-connect with your own roots?

"Inspired by this practice, I re-connected with the Manzanar Pilgrimage, which has been occurring annually since the 1940s. Such post-colonial pilgrimage revisits shadowed ground, sacred traces of suffering, and hope. It is about re-connection with each other, with our ancestors, with mystery and the depth of life. It is not an escape like tourism but a returning to the center of pivotal events that have marked us, embedded narratives in the land itself."

How does someone who suffers injustice make sense of it? 

"One needs to recall that my generation had the impression that the internment camps were like 'summer camp.' Neither the history books nor the classroom provided the historical context to understand the injustice and traumatic effects, as well as the dignity and perseverance that brought my parents' and grandparents' generations through it. Subsequent generations need to re-connect to this."

OK, we are using a Peruvian Tribal Ritual and God knows what to go back to a place in time which Christ should already have healed as He makes "all things new"? This is a Mary Knoll Sister an ordained woman under the Catholic auspices who is "inspired" by something other than Jesus?! (Tells me where the Catholic Church is right now in that they let her and are not giving her grief over it.) This is not giving Christ to the Nations Needy. This is where "The LIE" is being propagated and they become Ambassadors for "someone else". This is why they are on The Agenda

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