To live in society as a society within another some basic needs must be addressed

Living space.

Where to hang the family hats. There has been a lot of talk about cities of refuge or goshens or places to go when it ALL FALLS APART. Some of us may well be moved to puchase that plot of land where housing or shelter can be erected and a sort of "off the grid" community can be put together. Nice... and since you're offthe grid how does anyone know you are there?

Getting the word out.

Some how in this grand old Internet there must be a way to have a somewhat secured network (facebook for the unwanted christian brave????) that will allow for communication. However a thought pops into mind. You all realize when the "spirit of antichrist" takes up residence in a person who said"yes" to the indwelling all that eill be left without an accuser of the brethren to hassel us is ...GOD. By His Spirit, He can cause us to find those "hide aways". Also we need a way to stay in touch. (Email of the unwanted christian brave???? ucbmail????) who knows? But the best way to get the word out is to PRAY.

In a place to gather and dwell there are needs


Without defensable secured perimiter and location monitored vigilantly everything else is at constant risk. Ask a soldier about that, with our wars there is bound to be one about near you!

Once you are secure you need:

Water,Shelter, Food and not necesarily in that order. Depending on climate location and necesity the order may vary.

You need a common water source, sinking a common well or finding a way to harness the local riveror water way could be one solution but... consider WORMWOOD. What ever that is it will contaminate the water supply. There are any multitude of places online to find out to filter water for radioactivity or perhaps chemical agents, find them, learn them, share them, use them. What ever it is it causes sharp gastric pain.

For shelter anything from the basic leanto, to a log cabin can be found online.... there was someone out there who had gone into putting together a portable type tent cabin thing for setting down communities at the drop of a hat (are you still there? How did that work out?) find out, share the knowlege, help your brotherwhen the need arises.

Food can be hunted, scavanged for, foraged, and (No not stolen!) gotten in a variety of ways naturally. (This life style makes the mountain man very wanted! Hunters unite and feed to poor city christians!) Over time organized gardening and gathering of animals to herd and breed can be carried out. (How DID you think they lived before the industrial revolution or when men wore dresses and dinosaurs roamed the Earth, surely they did in Old Testament times right?)

Prov 4:7 states that wisdom is the principle thing so get wisdom but all your getting get an understanding! Educate yourselves and learn how to live off the land and how to lotech communicate in a hightech society. Learn and let God teach you and live.


Many such places I imagine would spring up all over. Some how we need to be able to talk to one another and share the bounty and meet each others needs.

As believers we are not unity through community as the world teaches but rather community due to unity in the Holy Spirit.

One faith

One baptism

One body

Under One God

For all time.

Once again let me state that as the nations stand in this era even if we dont agree with the rules and the laws we need to pray for the leaders and obey the laws. When those laws cost us heaven then we will have to decline to obey respectfully fully and rather than rebel and cause ourselves needless grief we will need to let God guide. Be in this hour WE ARE NOT THERE!

Meanwhile lets talk. Osol@osol.com

and DONT HATE ... you'll just be deleted and eventually blocked.

As to my esteemed government, relax... no one is rebelling agaisnt this nation. We dont have to be patriotically in love with it to live in it and abide by its laws. Plus last I checked we had religious freedom here so why rebel? What I advocate not participating in you might not be in power for anyways. Consider a nation founded on judeochristian ethics and a regime bend on rooting any of that so called nonsense out, how long do you think you will want to participate in that type of global community? How long do you think our constitution will be tolerated? While your reading the site over and over again consider the message that God in that day will be PERSONA NON GRATA. You might well be a country all to your self!

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