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The Permanent Court of International Justice
Covenant League of Nations


The Permanent court of International Justice, is now known as International Court of Justice. Now see if this makes sense. The predecessor of the International Court of Justice, was provided for in the Covenant of the League of Nations. It held its inaugural sitting in 1922 and was dissolved in 1946. Now this: Between 1922 and 1940 the PCIJ dealt with 29 contentious cases between States, and delivered 27 advisory opinions. States? Folks this is not The United States Supreme Court here. This is an INTERNATIONAL COURT. States????!!!! The UN wasnt even around.The UN was founded in 1945. But The Covenant of the League of Nations was. What pray tell might this have been?

The initial draft of the Covenant of the League of Nations was completed hurriedly in early 1919, under the close supervision of President Woodrow Wilson. The proposed new international organization was to be composed of three bodies:

League members were to be pledged to the following, to:

  1. Protect the territorial integrity of other member states (Article 10)
  2. Submit to the League disputes that threatened war
  3. Employ economic and military sanctions against nations that resorted to war
  4. Participate in arms reduction programs
  5. Assist in the establishment of a Permanent International Court of Justice.

This is where the UN came from. Wilson... he may have been a patsy by all accounts. Those who were in his privvy council however are alleged to be on the Committee of 300. At least a few of these are apparently listed as Masons, especially Col House, who helped Wilson found the League.



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