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Next we have PERMINDEX. Never heard of them have you? Permindex was a trade organization created in 1958 by Canadian lawyer Louis Bloomfield who became its president and chairman of its board. Its name was a contraction of "Permanent
ustrial Expositions". (please note this article asks for verification of sources on Wikipedia) So take all this information with a grain of salt and they may be defunct because I see no website. So we have a trade firm run by a Canadian lawyer. Here's a member list from 1958

Initial Board Members on the Swiss incorporation papers in 1958:

BLoomfield MAJOR Bloomfield and when I googled the name I find conncetions to  British Special Operations Executive (SOE) in 1938 in 1942 and Bloomfield was recruited by the Office of Strategic Services and given the rank of Major in the United States Army. His main assignment with the OSS was to help create and head recruitment for the Federal Bureau of Investigation's counter-intelligence group Division Five. He was Intelligence? During World War II Bloomfield was officially attached to the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps (Thats why he was based out of Canada.) (Nothing found on Division Five) He was a set up man for spy companies. So this is NOT your normal bussiness venture is it?

Nagy Prime minister Nagy of Hungary who for his resistance to Communistic encroaching had to resign or lose his son. So the USA took him in gave him assylum and here he joined Permindex and became an ASSET for the CIA. Wait... a ex-prime minister turned spy? (Define asset)

Mantello or Mandel the hero of Israel whose actions as a El Salvadorian representative gave reprive from certain death for many Budapest Jews. (His project used connections to El Salvadore and cranked out forged legal papers for escapees.)He is the Founder of Permindex and apparently what he is lauded as a hero to the Jewish people and may have been running a racket with the refugees. (a somewhat tarnished hero?)

Cohn a member of the DOJ a hostile take over law specialist who wrested Lionel Corp from its founder. A New York based lawyer whose clientele was quite .... colorful shall we say. They were mostly syndicate. It is alleged that Cohn was in a homosexual relationship with a coworker he hired. Cohn died of something commonly associated with this lifestyle.. AIDS. His life inspired the Entertainment industry.

Bonanno whose bio interestingly enough doesnt show his legitimate stake in Lionel or Permindex. Was a known syndicate boss. It remains to be seen if this information on this person is correct. We will leave the name in for now.

Menil the owner of Sclumberger Lmtd. this is big bussiness folks. Schlumberger and his brother developed the means to electrically measure the ground for resistance thus creating a map of rocks and water and ...OIL. Today the refined technique is what is done in prospecting for oil. It is a fascinating story of perserverance... Menil got his share in this by marriage to one of the oil pioneers daughters. (Look him up in google and note there are also listing for wine, a credit union and jewlery...??)

This is a apparent transcript of testimony from this man fingering a operation of sorts through the Russian Greek Orthodox church. Mention of The Petroleum Club is made. A quick google search tells us that this club is everywhere. But he mentioned the Dallas one specifically and from their site we have this


  Founded in 1934, The Dallas Petroleum Club has evolved  
  from a fraternity of prominent oil men into one of the 
  finest private city clubs in the country.  Its members, who 
  include oil and gas executives in the industry, business, 
  finance, education, government, medicine, and the arts, 
  cherish the club because of the personal attention and 
  exceptional service they receive once they enter its 
  quarters.  Surrounded by elegant furnishings and works 
  of art, members and their guests enjoy fine dining, social 
  events and private conference facilities.

It's an exclusive rich networking club... one of many such places where the big shots make their off the record out of the board room hush hush deals.

You can look up on the rest of the names but so far we have a interesting whose who list of motley crew. (no not the band) Permindex is a money getter a funder front for the Agenda.

Lest we forget Pinky... taking over the world and controling the unwashed masses takes money... lots n lots of money.





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