The Religious "Agenda "


So far we have seen the Political Agenda of removing the national boundaries and gathering everyone together into a One World Government. Of course being a Christian site, I am considering that titular head of this government to be the Anti-Christ. ( Lest we forget our Greek that Anti does not mean "Against" as much as it means "Instead Of") You see dear reader, the bad guy in the Book of Revelation is not trying to remove from all existance, Jesus Christ. No far from it, he knows he can't remove Jesus but he can make us think he IS Jesus. Think about it.

If we are conditioned to "another gospel", "another Jesus", a move of the another not so Holy Spirit that dispenses with the "Age Old Doctrines", that actually protect us from deception, then when he says "I AM" and the signs and wonders done in his presence are the same ones that we have become accustomed to before he showed up, then without a real guide to stop it; what is to stop the church from becoming apostate?

Not much.

Given this, I wish to expose a whole bunch of food for thought. You may be part of this and if you are then crack the Bible and be "Berean" and check it all out. There is a new movement which has its roots in some radical ideas in the Pentecostal and Charismatic parts of the Church, apparently mainly here in the United States, but a prevelancy had its sources in Europe.

Beginning Abroad

But before I go on, I need to digress. Because there is actually a LIE in the Church. It has to do with both a Jewish Kabbalistic move from the very early church era that spread into Europe and beyond via the Crusades and the Purga of The Inquisition; and age old gnostic teachings from cultures older than when Christ walked on Earth. Teaching of spiritual things that came from as far back as Sumerian religious belief that had passed on only changing somewhat from culture to culture spreading out over the whole meditarranean area into the far east. Later on in Europe, Hindu and Chinese and Japanese religious belief was mystically amalgamated into a whole Doctrine.

These two streams of religious though are counter to everything in Scripture they are the attempt of man to go back to Eden and recapture God there. Recapturing it is then asumed we in this great hidden wisdom would BECOME AS GOD ourselves. Hyper-spirituality and mysticism of occult beliefs and gnosticism have always been prevalent, even in the Early Church, and has always been fought against. Those Nicean, Anti-Nicean church fathers, men who came together to deal with lots and lots of letters circulating around about in the Early Church, and to determine, debate, discuss what was "Of God" and how it was to be set up for future generations in the forms of Doctrine and Dogma, and what was rubbish and what was, most dangerous of all, Heresey. Heresey is that dirty little word that got a lot of real Believers killed but it also is the thing that will separate the "Sheep" from the "Goats" and indeed is now so doing. Heresey is what Apostasy teaches. The Lie in the Church, if it ever gets finished, touches on this.


It All Starts Here

In pagan circles, animism and natural belief of gods in a pantheon seems to be part of places in Asia, India and all parts in between. In the more Western world, Celtic tribal type groups also had a form of pantheistic belief. Later on the Greeks and Romans also had their pantheons. It would seem that this is the mind of humanity, fathoming God. Truly it is written "For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse". (Rom 1:20)

Looking around themselves, pagan man KNEW that there was something or someone bigger than himself and sought this "something/someone" to both know and more importantly to appease that "something/someone" because man instinctively sensed there was a world around him that he did not see and that there, in that place, was power. The power to control the elements and effect the food supply and through that the very fabric of society. In waging wars and ruling people groups, pagan man looked to that certain "something/someone" beyond himself and according to how he understood things deity got assigned to a lot of stuff, hence the pantheon. Pagan man raised up people sensitive to this "other realm" (your basic shamanistic priest) who interacted with it via ceremony and ritual. These dieties got invoked to act in that realm so as to effect the physical realm. So elaborate often blood letting type rituals would be performed to get their gods to defeat the other guys gods before a battle or appease their gods for a great harvest or a safe and profitable hunt. You see?

Add to this, the worship of ancestors and seeking the dead for advice as mediaries is also a part of the pagan religious culture. It is the whole idea of the hole inside the heart, that is God shaped and if we dont seek God, then we will fill that void within with whatever seems to satisfy us until perhaps, if Elect, God comes and makes His abode in that place filling that void.


The Kabbalistic Lie

But at a certain point since Adam and Noah, men who approached the Living God more or less on God's terms recieved a revelation and a promise or promises. Out of all this, from the Patriarch Abraham to the Patriarch's grandson Jacob, comes the sons of Jacob (aka Israel) and these would the Jewish people. The Jewish people were monotheistic and had a belief in one God who made everything and controls everything. After the life death and resurrection of Jesus Christ who preached the God of the Jews, who He is, the adherents of Christendom also had a monotheistic belief.

But this is where simple dilineation ends. For the basic Jew it is the Old Testament and Shabbat and the Rabbi and the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. For the Christian it is Old and New Testament, Sunday church services, the local pastor and Jesus Christ, God the Son.

For the rest of the cultures, the pantheons and religious beliefs continue on. But for some European gentry, jaded by what they felt to be outdated or out moded,Judeo or Judeo-Christian values, these went looking for "something else", what they found was an "experience" or a "voice" teaching a "truth". We often talk about "telling truth" as telling the testimony of some event or another; or some discovery or another as "our truth". Well the Adversary has a "truth" that he is delighted to tell. Anything to corrupt "The Truth".


In The Beginning

It sort of begins with the Jews when they went into captivity in Babylon. It starts ironically according to this documentary, KABBALAH SECRETS REVEALED: The Ancient Babylonian Mysticism (Full Documentary), with Ezekiel in Ezek 1:1-28 and following. The priest now prophet is at the river Chebar in Babylon when he is given a massive revelation into God by seeing the Throne of God from the Earth.

Apparently Jewish mystics were so enthralled by the thought of Ezekiel's vision that they felt if they studied these writings and meditated on them they might get the same or similar experience of "touching the Divine". (One can only presume the Divine they intended to touch was the One True and Living God but with that they dont pronounce the name or names of God, who knows?) Of course then we realize they are actually looking for so much more. Not only to see and to touch God but in so doing to "become one" with The Divine. Now Jesus does tell us that as Believers we are to be "one" with Him but that is because He by His Holy Spirit lives in us. We are not ONE with God in an all inclusive esoteric union either but in a vital Spiritual Union based on Salvation. There IS a difference.

It starts in this vein of Jewish mysticism trying to re-imagine what Ezekiel saw until the emergence of Kabbalah. In the second century under Roman rule Judaism took a heavy hit. Those who practiced thier beliefs were persecuted heavily. Many of the flock turned to mysticism to try to understand what was happening. One person, a Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochi determined to understand more of God and, fleeing the Romans, holed up in a cave ,in Israel, for thirteen years. He used the Torah scrolls as a guide to meditate on God and the universe. The documentary plainly states adherants to Bar Yochi, utilized meditative techniques to come into a suggestive hypnotic state.

Now this is a very bad thing folks, because when you interact with the spirit world passively your defences are down and any old thing can come in. So then of course, the Kabbalists believed they were connecting with God Himself but to get to where He is there were these gates that had to be traversed, guarded by Angels who kept out the unworthy, and so they believed they needed amulets to ward off these Angels and that they had to perform rituals, like repeating each angel's name a certain number of times in order to pass on to the next level. Amulets, passages, ritual angelic names? This sounds suspiciously like... witchcraft! According to Kabbalah, those who actually made it to "the throneroom" came away with great deep mystical secrets and they codified all this into a fantastical book called the Seferyetzirah or Book of Creation. Now this sounds suspiciously like Gnosticism.

One of teachings is that God used the letters of the Hebrew language to speak forth creation. It is debatable what language God spoke when He spoke everything into existance but since none of these were actually present, can they really know? Whether or not God used letters and numbers to call forth rocks and water will be determined in heaven perhaps, but what is known is that this teaching was very guarded for a long time.

In the eleventh century, the Crusades flushed out all these mystics sending them into the West. There, European Jewish communities began to receive this great deep spiritual and mystical teaching. These Ashkenazi Jews coined the term Kabbalah which means "Receiving" in Hebrew. Thus the transmission of the Seferyetzirah's teaching took hold of a greater audience. Still it was a relatively small community within the greater Jewish community who embraced this way. However when, in the twelfth century, a spanish rabbi claimed to find this text called The Zohar, things changed radically. This Codexed text has become the centerpiece of kabbalistic teaching today. I have read some of this and it is very mystical and uses errotic language to get its points across. This type of literature panders to the sensual side of the flesh.

Many believe the author to be Rabbi Bar Yochi himself or someone a lot later and it is written in Aramaic and apparently not very well either. The Zohar sees Torah as code. To study The Zohar is to play, perhaps, a game of hide and seek. That you really have to work at it makes decoding and studying it all the more attractive. Now we have this Gnostical Mindgame.

Over time they created a symbol that acts as a map of interlocking lines forming a shape that is the male and female of "The Divine" or God. This is meant to be a map of His body. It is believed that one understood the body of God one might be able to unlock His power. This really is witchcraft. This is Luciferic to the empth degree. Ascending unto the mount of God and becoming As He IS. Once again the concept of "ye are gods" comes to mind. The Sefirot seeks to unite the male and female aspects of God by our actions. By our virtues interpersonal and ritual commandments we "actualize the Divine Potential" in the world. These good works nurture God and bring about grace. Negative works of sin cause an imbalance... Do you start to see where this becomes works of iniquity? But we are not done yet.

In the twelfth century Rabbi Abulafia combined yoga movements with a secret name of God taken out of verses that were decoded, as it were, in Genesis. When this was properly done the adherent's mind and God's mind would unite. Do you begin to see that this is throwing out Scripture altogether because they are not really reading it to KNOW God they are using to GET TO GOD and discover His power. Also the concept of our mind uniting with God's mind is irrelavent to the Believer in Jesus Christ for He has given His Spirit to us that we may actually HAVE the MIND of God. But these are not Believers, are they?

In the middle ages Kabbalah underwent a transformation. The Catholic Inquisition flushed these mystics out once again, and they went back into Israel. Kabbalists settled in Galilee, in Safed, and they formed a group. Into this group of zealous practicioners believing their holy behavior would call down Messiah (man must help God to do this.) came one Rabbi Luria. Luria, like Bar Yochi had also holed up in a cave and used the Zohar to get into a meditative state. He repeated passages over and over until he "got into it". Bu this man doesnt stop there. Luria believed in past lives. It was said that Luria could look at a person's forhead and tell all about that person. He believed that understanding a persons past life could help them solve present problems. He was a healer. Now wait just a minute! Past lives means Reincarnation. Reincarnation is not a Hebrew belief. But Luria saw angels and prophets of the past and acquired great powers, so he had to be pure, right? What Luria did, is the exact same things Rajas and Gurus do today. They fast, they meditate, they have mystical experiences, they have miraculous powers... none of which come from God.

Being as these Kabbalists were already way off the mark they recieved Luria's teachings with enthusiasm. Luria's reicarnation theorem was that everyone on the planet is decended from a certain soul root, after Adam and Eve. It could be Cain or Abel or Shem, Ham or Japheth as posible roots that dictated the nature of the person. Under Luria Kaballists became necromancers. They would comb the cemetaries looking for their reincarnated pasts and take on the soul of the deceased and speak with their voice. This is possession on an extraordinarily high level. Some of the ideas in the documentary are quite radical and completely heretical to Scripture. But when the Printing Press was invented and made wide spread, The Zohar became available to anyone who could get their hands on it.


The Next Phase

In the sixteen hundreds The Zohar was translated unto Latin, the language of the Church. Christians now go their hands on this intriquing text and believing it could solve the mysteries of the New Testament and Christianity itself due to its antiquity. They believd this text to be the purest form of Judaism being assumed to be written around the time of Christ and thus purest form of Christianity. Thus now we have Renaissance Christian Kabbalah.

Here is where the Jewish Lie enters the Church for the first time.

At this point two men who came around who might have been the greatest disaster of Kabbalah. Shabbatai Zevi, who suffered from Demonic opression and night terrors, who staged a mock marriage between himself and a Torah scroll. He might have had a profound mental imbalance as well. He seemed to alternate between deep depression and manic euphoria. He was not an accepted member of the Ottoman Empire which might have made him a Muslim. He wandered the streets of Galilee reciting Kabbalistic chants. then he met a kabbalist student named Nathan who was so taken by Zevi that he proclaimed him as Messiah. Zevi was embraced by Jewish Kabbalistic adherants everywhere, but when faced with death by his sultan or conversion to Islam, he chose Islam. In choosing Islam Zavi outraged the Jewish community because he was proven tobe a false Messiah. They turned on the Kabbalists and for a while it got really ugly. So restictions were placed on who should and who should not study Kabbalah. Today we have the Hasids who adhere to the teachings of The Bal Shem Tov. (Master of the Good Name) They are kabbalistic adherants, but they dont emphasize meditative study but celebrating God in every day life.

Interestingly enough in the 1930's a German historian named Gersom Sholem rediscovered Jewish Mysticism. He combed through libraries and read through countless texts and opened Kabbalah up to new generation. In the sixties Rabbi Philip Berg got into kabbalah and repackaged it into a format that could be taught to the masses. This became known as Practical Kabbalah, which traffics in deeds and trinkets. This is added to modern Spiritism. (You have doubtless seen those palms with writing on them or the map of God on them, meant to ward off the evil. Or the Eye of God)

Meanwhile Christians, not to be outdone by their Kabbalistic cousins, developed some strange notions all their own. In the wild and wooly time after the death of the Apostles of the Early church, heretical dogma began to creep in. Paul warned us of heresy creeping in unawares and Jude (Jude1:4) warns of the signs of a heretic. The heresies faced by those Early Church fathers are quite interesting. Here is a link to a wikipedia that lists the heresies and the teachings. Very itersting that todays new move of God is echoing some of this in a new package.

List of Christian heresies

In later years, in a Catholic dominated world, where the church was the Savior and not the Christ, jaded individuals once again turned to mystical expression and heretical teachings. These were the Gnostics of early Christendom and the seekers of truth. The truth sought however isnt The Christ who is the only True Truth, Life and Way, but rather that of the light bearer, Lucifer. (Also known as The Adversary)


The Second Lie In The Church

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world outside of Christianity, folks were exploring that spiritual place or God shaped hole in the heart and filling it with all sorts of notions. For anyone can look about them as I have explained previously and find that Someone or Something beyond mere man has made all of the natural world. Naturalists like Darwin, instead of finding God found error. Evolution which was a theory of how things came to be the way they are now, is one of contributing factor. But as it has been throughout the ages folks needed an explanation for the world and everything in it. In the Age of Reason and Enlightenment Luciferianism seemed to fit the bill.

Luciferian doctrines began to take shape and vye with true Believers for the ears of the masses. Seeking to explain the inexplicable and leave out Him through whom all things are, a whole new dynamic had to be invented.

Into this came the Theosophists and their ilk with wild fantastic stories of other worldly dimensions and deities which they began to circulate.


The Theosophy Connection

Theosophy seems to have been brought into being in order to try to make an explanation for the various religions and their Creation stories. This would tend to bind the various religious schools of thought into a cohesive whole. One the main adherants and a renouned lecturer, Manly P Hall, spoke indepth on Occult teachings. I am letting some of this loose in this page. Mind you this is an amalgamous teaching that believes we are all from root races that have evolved (Darwinism) over many seasons of time to apparently seven branches of Esoteric Religions.

Manly P Hall Seven Branches Of Esoteric Religions.

It is this "Esoteric History Of Man" and its theories that appealed to people like Adolph Hitler and his Aryan Race.

There has always been in Pagan belief systems the notion of those divine types who transcend the grubby little mortal world , the heros who do great deeds. There have been many notables in the movement that arose during the rennaisance and victorian eras to teach Esoteric Religious thought. In 1880s one such notable who was a huge contributer to this was Helena Blavatsky who, through automatic writing and trances, wrote several volumes. Her books, The Secret Doctrines done in this automatic writing pushed along this movement called Theosophy. Her devotees built on her work. Names like Alister Crowley, and Manly P Hall crop up when you look into this movement. Manly P Hall has this speech on Luciferianism.

Helena Blavatsky & The Secret Doctrine: Luciferian Occult Lecture by Manly P Hall.

Hall tells us that her work is well documented and well researched. If it was written in automatic handwriting while in a Trance how was she documenting this? He tells us that her information comes as she puts it that her work which she maintain was written by her but not authored by her. Great Ancient Eastern Teachers communicated with her to teach her and that she was but the messenger. Hall states that Blavatsky was a student of a Lama in Tibet. This Lama would appear that Blavatsky who was consirded defiant of her times and perhaps not very lady like, and was considered to be an eccentric. Hall describes her as a hard worker and very observant person. Yet she did her work in a spiritual occult manner.

The whole point also of the need for such a movement was that the Orthodox West was to seen to be stifling, even narrow and confining, and that Ancient Eastern thought was needed to make for a rounder more full spiritual experience.

Her work talks about doctrines concerning the Creation of the Universe, the Establishement of the Divine Powers, Formation of Worlds and The Generation of Man. Now lets clarify here; there is the exoteric knowledge of things based on observation of the world around us, and an esoteric or essential knowledge that said to be rooted within man himself and this esoteric knowledge unlocked the vast storage of the inner record of Eternal Fact. In other words we know all we need to know about everything. That we, as limited beings, would have any real internal knowledge of The Eternal is unreasonable. This they explain away by saying that people who are self limited or Orthodox, (Jewish, Hundi, Muslim, Buddhist, but especially Christian) are unable to access this internal KNOWLEDGE. Basically, mostly, Christendom is the stumbling block to Esoteric Knowledge. I have read a little of her Secret Doctrine and it presses together all the various ancient cultures and their mythos into a large overarching hidden knowledge teaching that gives validation to every sort of radical breech from Scripture. Never was the following Scriptural line more true, "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools," (Rom 1:22). The Age of reason and psychologies of that time gave rise to a more tolerant treatment of heresy. This in turn seeped into the Church of the day.

One may well wonder where a connection between spiritual Theosophists and Political One World Order proponnts might connect. The answer? In Alice Bailey. Baily is disciple of Blavatsky who built on her earlier work, The Secret Doctrine. Bailey wrote in the same way that Blavatsky did, through automatic writing. Her work The Externalism Of The Heirarchy plainly states that "There are two major factors which condition the present opportunity; these can be regarded as so completely hindering that unless they are removed, there will be a long delay before Christ can return. They are:

1 The innertia of the average Christian or spiritually-minded man in every country - eastern or western.

2 The lack of money for the work of preparation" (The Reappearance of Christ, Bailey)

Now we as modern believers read this statement and gasp in horror, thinking we may actually be hindering His return. But my dear readers, her Christ is not The Christ of God, God the Son, Jesus The Nazarene. This is the Christ Consciousness of our inner godhood. That is what they are ALL referring to. "I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High." (Psa 82:6) Taken out of the rest of the psalm this is an incredible statement. So what was the rest of "context"? verse 5 They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course. ("they" are the gods or no gods). Verse 7 "But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes." The whole Psalm seems to indicate that it is toward the leadeship of the Sanhedrin or the judges of the day in Israel. But the choice of wording here, if misread, can lead to a whole lot of unbalanced thinking concerning man. Taking the one verse out of the context and preaching it in the church as a New Revelation has given rise to a whole lot of Error. I will go into that in a bit. But when the Esoteric Liberal thinkers got hold of this verse, they held it up as triumphant support for their cause of the innate divinity of man. This is what people like Blavatsky and Hall and Crowley all implied. It is what later individuals like Leery and Hubbard and LeVey, the founder of the Satanic Church, would all propound upon in their many and various explorations of their godhood within. In fact, L Ron Hubbard who started out as a SciFi writer and became the founder of one the more celebrated movements, The Church of Scientology, which proposed the idea that we as divine could speak into ourselves and with our minds overcome any and all limitations of the body. His premise is that using science and faith it is possible to "grow the conciousness".

In Hitler's day the liberalistic open thinking of the thirties globally rode piggy back to the works of the Theosophists. In fact the very notions of the Aryan race and the need to bred out or root out everything else, comes right out of Blavatsky's work.

"Some of the relatively small number of people who escaped and survived, fled for refuge from the terrible turbulent deadly waters of destruction – some of them with the help of the good Atlantean Adepts – to the highest and driest points of land that they could find…the peaks and mountains of the Himalayas of Central Asia…and it was there that the very beginnings of the 5th Root Race occurred. (assumedly this is the fall of Atlantis)

It first flourished in ancient India, once called Aryavarta, which became the mother of our present civilisation and so we generally refer to this Root Race as the Aryan Root Race, although it’s also called the Indo-Caucasian and Indo-European. The term “Aryan” was seriously misused and abused in the 20th century, as was the ancient Indian or true Aryan symbol of the swastika, by Hitler and the Nazis, but neither the term “Aryan” nor the swastika have anything bad or evil or negative about them in reality and no-one ever thought of them in such a way until the 1930s when their meaning was distorted on a world scale. At the time “The Secret Doctrine” was written, “Aryan” was largely just a synonym in the English language for “Indian” as anyone can see for themselves by referring to religious, philosophical, cultural, and academic works of the time. As a word it literally means “Noble” or “Worthy.”

This may come from “The Secret Doctrine” Vol. 2, from p. 423 to 429. (I cannot affirm it as I got this from a Theosophical site Blavatsky Theosophy Group UK )


The Next Phase

Add to the above the thinking of the era of the Second World War and a man named Allistair Crowley.

Crowley had lodges apparently and many of the "New Age" movement's movers and shakers were from these lodges, including perhaps Charles Manson himself.

In Theosophy we find Ascended Masters who taught of a need for humanity to "turn away" from Christendom and become open to the teachings of those considered "greater" or "equal" to Jesus Christ. Blavatsky had her Ascended Master who dictated The Secret Doctrines to her and her disciple in Alice Baily attributed her Theosophic literature to a Tibetan teacher Djwal Khul (another Ascended Master ) whose message is that this turning away is needful in order for the human race as a whole to prepare for a conscious entry into the Age Of Aquarius. Self help and Self inprovement as a revival of Esoteric Religion alongside selfless service to the goals of a "Global Village".


The Eureka Moment


This is the mindset and religiosity behind the Political Agenda of which I have written in this site. Those who are NOT Elect will fall for this religiosity and mindset will "follow" this "beast" as it were. It is still my humble opinion based on certain language in the Book of Revelation that at some point some person steeped perhaps in this religious and mental ascent who willingly cooperatively will give him or herself to Satan.


More Of It

Freemasonary the Liberal Churches and The New Age movement are starting to "blend", especially over the LGBT or "Gay Rights" issue. A singular message is emerging and perhaps a New Church is emerging. For the Christian church the message is a "Christ Consciousness" which sounds like being aware of Jesus but which is actually these "Ascended Masters" Anunaki or whatever else they are calling themselves coalescing for the final move.

There will come a day and an hour when many minds will play host to spirits other than their own. These host bodies from hell and hell bound will know and openly worship and defend their sovereign master. Because for them all it is about that Lucifer is the good and benevolent god and the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob is the evil god. This is nothing less than putting evil for good and good for evil in its purest form.

It is the snake amongst the trees and it is taught in the lodge the church and the schoolroom.

from Luciferian Philosphy Religion Vs The Truth


The Lie in the church ...the crux of the matter

But this is the other side's root of lies that began to seep into Western thought. However when it began to be accepted and preached by the Church, it gained a special kind of notariety. William Branham was an apparent prophet in the church in the 1960s and he is all over youtube.

According to biography all sorts of signs took place when Branham was born and there was a notable moment when Branham and God .... met.

Wikipedia records this man's teachings.

William M. Branham: Teaching

Branham became more controversial in his later years and this was particularly evident in his development of a theology that emphasized a few select doctrines. His theology seemed complicated and bizarre to many people who admired him personally. Although not always consistent with each other, his primary concerns were eschatology, the denial of an eternal hell, Oneness Pentecostalism, predestination, eternal security and the serpent's seed. Branham asserted that his doctrinal teachings were given to him by divine revelation.Denial of an eternal hell. Prior to 1957, Branham taught a doctrine of eternal punishment in hell. However, by 1957 he was proclaiming that hell was not eternal. Annihilationism was not a new concept to Pentecostalism as Charles Fox Parham had also advocated the doctrine. Although Branham had taught the doctrine since 1957, he suggested in 1960 that the Holy Spirit had just revealed it to him as one of the mysteries that God was revealing in the "end-time".Oneness Pentecostalism Branham seemed to change his theological positions on the Godhead throughout his ministry. Early in his ministry, Branham at times referred to the Holy Spirit as the third person of the Trinity and it was also reported that Branham had told some Trinitarians that he agreed with them, but that he felt obligated to the "Jesus Only" Pentecostals because they had supported him early in the revival. However, by the 1960s Branham was openly teaching the oneness position, which holds that there is one God who manifests himself in multiple ways, as opposed to the trinitarian view that the Godhead is made up of three distinctly different persons. Branham preached that trinitarianism was tritheism and insisted that members of his congregation be rebaptized in Jesus's name in imitation of the example of the Apostle Paul. He tried to distinguish himself from the Oneness baptism in the name of "Jesus" by teaching that the baptismal formula should be in the name of the "Lord Jesus Christ". He argued that there were many people named "Jesus", but there was only "Lord Jesus Christ". While Branham was at times inconsistent with respect to the need to be rebaptized, by the end of his ministry part of his message required an acceptance of the "oneness" of the Godhead and baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Serpent's seed Branham taught that Eve and the serpent had sexual intercourse and Cain was born.  Consequently, every woman potentially carried the literal seed of the devil.  Cain's descendants were today masquerading as the educated and the scientists,  who were "a big religious bunch of illegitimate bastard children". The serpent was the "missing link" between the chimpanzee and man, who was perhaps ten feet tall and looked just like a man. The central sins of modern culture - immoral women and education - were a result of the serpent's seed. Branham's attitude toward culture was a very extremist perspective of "Christ against Culture". Education was Satan's snare for intellectual Christians who rejected the supernatural and Satan's tool for obscuring the "simplicity of the Message and the messenger". View of women Branham was critical of the "immorality of modern women".  He taught that a woman with short hair was breaking the commandments of God and ridiculed women's desire to artificially beautify themselves with makeup. Branham believed that scantily clad women were guilty of committing adultery because their appearance motivated men to lust. A woman's place was "in the kitchen". Branham also taught that women were not a "created product of God". Rather they were merely byproducts of man. His pronouncements with respect to women were often contradictory. He once told women who wore shorts not to call themselves Christians. But he qualified his denunciations by affirming that obedience to his moral code was not a requirement for salvation. However, he also implied that no woman that disobeyed his "Thus Saith the Lord" moral code would be part of the rapture. Branham's attitude towards women was misogynistic, covering physical appearance, sexual drive, and marital relations.  According to Weaver, Branham saw women as "essentially immoral sexual machines who were to blame for adultery, divorce and death. They were the tools of the Devil." Eschatological teachings Branham claimed to have had a prophetic revelation in June, 1933 that comprised seven major events that would occur before the Second Coming of Christ. He believed that five of the seven predictions, relating to world politics, science, and the moral condition of the world, had been fulfilled. The final two visions, one related to the Roman Catholic Church gaining power in the United States and the second detailing the destruction of the United States, would be fulfilled by 1977, subsequent to which Christ would return.  A comparison of Branham's descriptions of the prophecies reveals his tendency to exaggerate and embellish his actual predictions. In December 1964, Branham prophesied that the city of Los Angeles would sink into the Pacific Ocean. This was subsequently embellished to a prediction that a chunk of land 1500 miles long, three or four hundred miles wide and 40 miles deep would break loose, causing waves that would "shoot plumb out to Kentucky". In 1960, Branham preached a series of sermons on the seven church ages based on chapters two and three of the Book of Revelation. The sermons depended heavily on C. I. Scofield's dispensationalism and the publications of Clarence Larkin. Branham described each church as representing a historical age and suggested that the angel of each age was an earthly messenger. His most important "revelation" was the description of the messenger to the Laodicean Church age, which would immediately precede the rapture; the characteristics of this age were all similar to the age Branham was living in at that time. Branham regarded his series of sermons on the Seven Seals in 1963 as a highlight of his ministry.  In reality, Branham's teaching on this subject revealed very little new doctrine and was essentially a laborious restatement of the dispensationalism espoused in the sermons on the seven church ages. Branham's most controversial revelation was his claim to be the end-time "Elijah" prophet of the Laodicean Church age. Anti-denominationalism Another contributor to the controversy surrounding Branham in his later ministry was that he believed that denominationalism was the "mark of the beast". Much of Branham's "revelation" was similar to Scofield's dispensationalism and the anti-Catholic rhetoric of classical Pentecostalism. In his later years, he came to believe that all denominations were "synagogues of Satan". The heart of Branham's message was for the elect Bride to "come out" of denominationalism and accept the message of the Laodicean messenger who had the "message of the hour". Continued allegiance to a denomination was to take the mark of the beast, which would mean missing the rapture.

These are some of his sermons.

William Branham- How Can I Overcome? 1963

Who Is This Melchisedec(65-0221E) By Rev William Branham

The Anointed Ones At The End Time by Rev William Branham

William Branham The Sound of God's Voice

Now in these titles, right away, I see the seeds of the now very prevalent veer away from Scriptural Christianity. When we begin to take certain things out of context we begin to entertain the posibility of Heresy. He seems to talk a lot about things that have happened wherein he has been involved and his preaching style is a mix of himself and a possible sermonette or sayings.

William Branham wikipedia

This is maybe where we might begin hearing the "we can have whatever we want if we ask in faith believing" teaching which while valid can lead to what I call Pressing The Covenant. It can also lead to the "Genie in a bottle on high" line of thinking. "Get up in God's face and tell Him what you want" a radical militeristic type of faith believing and that God actually likes this kind of prayer.

Branham's take on the faith movement can be heard in this vintage audio "One man's influence on another Sermon  Saturday, 13th October 1962 at the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A." William Branham: one mans influence on another 10-13-1962 He says " Jesus said, "All things are possible to them that will believe. You
have not because you ask not, and you ask not because you believe not."
He said, "Ask abundance that your joy may be full." I like that"

Over time this kind of theology has deteriorated into a melting pot of what might be called Error and Whoredoms.

In and around the this time another teacher R J Rushdoony started talking about Theonomy which espouses the concept that the world should be under the Rule Of Old Testament Law. Now while I think the casuistic law and the system of tiered managment of the people is so simplistic that it could govern the world, I dont think it necessarily is the best means to govern a world Post Cross. These people believe we should go back to Eden. His teachings became Dominionism. Wikipedia lists this definition.

The term "Dominion Theology" is a reference to the King James Bible's rendering of Genesis 1:28, the passage in which God grants humanity "dominion" over the Earth.
And God blessed [Adam and Eve], and God said unto them, "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth."

In the late 1980s, several prominent evangelical authors used the phrase Dominion Theology (and other terms such as dominionism) to label a loose grouping of theological movements that made direct appeals to this passage in Genesis. Christians typically interpret this passage as meaning that God gave mankind responsibility over the Earth, but one of the distinctive aspect of Dominion Theology is that it is interpreted as a mandate for Christian stewardship in civil affairs, no less than in other human matters.

It seems to start here:

Herman Dooyeweerd (7 October 1894, Amsterdam – 12 February 1977, Amsterdam) was a Dutch juridical scholar by training, who by vocation was a philosopher and a co-founder of the Philosophy of the Cosmonomic Idea with Dirk Vollenhoven. Dooyeweerd made several contributions to philosophy and other academic disciplines concerning the nature of diversity and coherence in everyday experience, the transcendental conditions for theoretical thought, the relationship between religion, philosophy, and scientific theory, and an understanding of meaning, being, time and self. Dooyeweerd is most famous for his suite of fifteen aspects (or 'modalities', 'modal aspects', or 'modal law-spheres'), which are distinct ways in which reality exists, has meaning, is experienced, and occurs. This suite of aspects is finding application in practical analysis, research and teaching in such diverse fields as built environment, sustainability, agriculture, business, information systems and development. Danie Strauss, the editor of Dooyeweerd's Collected Works, has provided a systematic look at Dooyeweerd's philosophy.

This is a secular philosophy that is read by this man R J Rushdoony. Rushdoony began popularizing, albeit densely, the works of Calvinist philosophers Cornelius Van Til and Herman Dooyeweerd (see above) into a short survey of contemporary humanism called By What Standard?. Arguing for a Calvinist system of thought, Rushdoony dealt with subjects as broad as epistemology and cognitive metaphysicsand as narrow as the psychology of religion and predestination. He wrote a book, The One And The Many: Studies in the Philosophy of Order and Ultimacy, using Van Tillian presuppositional philosophy to critique various aspects of secular humanism. He also wrote many essays and book reviews, published in such venues as the Westminster Theological Journal

But here is his contribution to what is now going on.

Rushdoony's most important area of writing, however, was law and politics, as expressed in his small book of popular essays Law & Liberty and discussed in much greater detail in his three-volume, 1,894-page magnum opus, The Institutes of Biblical Law. With a title modeled after Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion, Rushdoony's Institutes was arguably his most influential work. In the book, he proposed that Old Testament law should be applied to modern society and that there should be a Christian theonomy, a concept developed in his colleague Greg Bahnsen's controversial book Theonomy in Christian Ethics, which Rushdoony heartily endorsed. In the Institutes, Rushdoony supported the reinstatement of the Mosaic law's penal sanctions. Under such a system, the list of civil crimes which carried a death sentence would include homosexuality, adultery, incest, lying about one's virginity, bestiality, witchcraft, idolatry or apostasy, public blasphemy, false prophesying, kidnapping, rape, and bearing false witness in a capital case. Although he supported the separation of church and state at the national level, Rushdoony also believed that both institutions were under the rule of God, and thus he conceived secularism as posing endless false dichotomies, which his massive work addresses in considerable detail. In short, he sought to cast a vision for the reconstruction of society based on Christian principles. The book was critical of democracy. He wrote that "the heresy of democracy has since then worked havoc in church and state ... Christianity and democracy are inevitably enemies" because democracy asserts the will of man over the will of God. Rushdoony believed that a republic is a better form of civil government than a democracy. According to Rushdoony, a republic avoided mob rule and the rule of the "51%" of society; in other words "might does not make right" in a republic. Rushdoony wrote that America's separation of powers between 3 branches of government is a far more neutral and better method of civil government than a direct democracy, stating "[t]he [American] Constitution was designed to perpetuate a Christian order". Rushdoony argues that the Constitution's purpose was to protect religion from the federal government and to preserve "states' rights." Rushdoony's work has been used by Dominion Theology advocates who attempt to implement a Christian government subject to Biblical law in the United States. Authority, behavioral oundaries, economics, penology and the like would all be governed by biblical principles in Rushdoony's vision, but he also proposed a wide system of freedom, especially in the economic sphere, and claimed Ludwig von Mises as an intellectual mentor; he called himself a Christian libertarian. Rushdoony was the founder in 1965 of the Chalcedon Foundation and the editor of its monthly magazine, the Chalcedon Report. He also published the Journal of Christian Reconstruction and was an early board member of the Rutherford Institute, founded in 1982 by John W. Whitehead.In 1972, Cornelius Van Til "disclaimed affiliation" with Rushdoony and the Christian Reconstructionist movement, writing "...I am frankly a little concerned about the political views of Mr. Rushdoony and Mr. North and particularly if I am correctly informed about some of the views Gary North has with respect to the application of Old Testament principles to our day. My only point is that I would hope and expect they would not claim such views are inherent in the principles I hold".

We have a better and surer Covenant in Christ folks. When He returns HE will set up HIS KINGDOM. It is not of this world. So then all this mess of taking dominion over all this which is evil... doesn't compute.

Fast forward into the early 2000s and we find David Yonggi Cho and his extrmely large South Korean church. It was so large that they utilized cell groups. In 2007 a pastor by the name of César Castellanos visited Cho's church. Wikipedia records that this pastor went back to his church , Misión Carismática Internacional in Bogotá, Colombia, with a revelation received apparently from God while he was in there — that God had given him a vision which would increase the number of Christian believers and help him to care for the growing numbers of people. Now the first thing that stands out are the words "increase the number of Christian believers" That almost sounds like Marketing talk to me. In fact it IS marketing talk. Increasing sales or followship or customer satisfaction. This is where a great java bar and crunchies to much on in a cafe during service whilst the service streams into the cafe... actually I went to a church like that in Palm Coast Florida once, and looking back on it... where is the Holy Spirit? What follows is the mandate.

This taken from wikipedia The G12_Vision

The aim of the G12 Vision is to form disciples with a Christ-like character who in turn will 'go and make disciples' as commanded by Jesus. Through prayer, encounters with God, teaching, support and encouragement, disciples are then encouraged to also make disciples. In both theory and example this process leads the church to grow exponentially, without losing accountability of Christian values due to the eventual size of the church.

It almost sounds like Pyramid soul winning. Make a disciple who is turn make two who make two apiece... pass the plate. This is where mega churches come from where nobody knows your name or you needs. It uses a "Ladder Of Success".

Ladder of Success
"Ladder of Success" is used to describe the main steps of the G12 Vision.
Win: Evangelism aiming to win people to a new belief in Christ.
Consolidate: Bridging a convert to a disciple
Disciple: Preparing the person for leadership
Send: Making them a leader of leaders

Additionally, this vision utilizes apostles and all of them are men. Women can support but not lead. I wonder how a friend of mine who is a female apostle of some note would react to this? Taken from the idea that Jesus chose twelve men and in the loss of Judas Iscariot the rest of the disciples chose one more. Not eleven never thirteen but twelve. It should be noted that this methodology was never implemented by any one of Jesus' disciples, in their individual ministries. "While Jesus chose twelve men to disciple, he never taught the practice as a foundational truth to follow for his apostles or any of his disciples." wikipedia.

Globally there is a network of churches that hold conferences annually. This is sounding more and more like big business.

Now in comes the NAR New Apostolic Restoration movement.
Believing that the New Testament offices of Prophet and Apostle are being restored. They have taken Theonamy and taken it to a whole new level.

The New Apostolic Reformation is a title originally used by C. Peter Wagner to describe a movement within Pentecostal and charismatic churches. The title New Apostolic Reformation is descriptive of a theological movement and is not an organization and therefore does not have formal membership. Among those in the movement that inspired the title NAR, there is a wide range of variance on specific beliefs. Those within the movement hold to their denominational interpretations of the ongoing ministry of the Holy Spirit within each believer. Unlike some parts of Protestant Christianity, these include the direct revelation of Christ to each believer, prophecy, and the performance of miracles such as healing. This move has also been given the descriptive title "Third Wave of the Holy Spirit". Although the movement regards the church as the true body of saved believers, as does most of evangelical Protestantism, it differs from the broader Protestant tradition in its view on the nature of church leadership, specifically the doctrine of Five-Fold Ministry, which is based upon a non-traditional interpretation of Ephesians 4:11. C. Peter Wagner writes that most of the churches in this movement have active ministries of spiritual warfare. As an example of this warfare he claims that God acted through him to end mad-cow disease in Germany. In an article responding to criticism of the NAR, Wagner notes that those who affiliate themselves with the movement believe the Apostles’ Creed and all the orthodoxy of Christian doctrine, so that the movement is therefore not heretical.Wagner has listed the differences between the NAR and traditional Protestantism as follows:

This seems to be very unbiblical because they actually believe that the authority level and anointing level is on a par with the original New Testament Apostolic and Old Testament Prophetic. This is a dangerous postion to take because it gives an aura of power that flouts accountability. It is very much "ye are gods" thought. Accountability was the hallmark of the early church. The Apostle was very accountable to God because the OverArching power of the Holy Spirit. That HAS been dispensed with. What we have today is much less severe because we have th guide of Written Scripture. The Apostles who wrote the New Testament told us to use the WHOLE of Scripture to be a guide to any "word from The Holy Spirit". Mind you I dont believe that prophecy itself or any gift of the Holy Spirit has bee dispensed with but the intensity or control of the Holy Spirit is so much lessened. What these men are teaching if the Holy Spirit were upon then as they say, every thing that does not agree with Scripture STRICTLY would be death for them.

But in some of this it seems as they are rewriting the Scriptures. They seem to claim this autority directly form God and to disobey them is to disobey God.

Read more here and here.

One place born of this is IHOP International House Of Prayer.

Taken from their site

What is IHOPKC’s stance on the New Apostolic Reformation?

In the summer of 2011 a term began to be used by many mainstream media outlets to refer to a Christian movement known as the New Apostolic Reformation. The term was used pejoratively to distinguish this movement from orthodox Christianity and the International House of Prayer was included in these news reports and was said to be a leading voice in this movement. Here we answer some frequently asked questions regarding this issue.

1. Is IHOPKC part of the New Apostolic Reformation?

Although the term New Apostolic Reformation was popularized in the mainstream media, its origins are from a scholar known as Dr. C. Peter Wagner (1930-2016) who coined the term in 1994 after trying several alternatives such as “Neopentecostal,” “Neocharismatic,” “Independent,” “Post denominational” or “Nondenominational.” This name referred to a movement in the body of Christ at-large of churches with some charismatic/”Third-wave” (also a term coined by Wagner) similarities. He subsequently wrote of the NAR in his books The New Apostolic Churches (1998); Churchquake!(1999); Apostles and Prophets (2000); Changing Church (2004); and Apostles Today(2006).

Wagner has noted that this nomenclature has subsequently been used against him.

“NAR has become a tool in the hands of certain liberal opponents of the conservative [political] candidates designed to discredit them on the basis of their friendship with certain Christian leaders supposedly affiliated with the NAR.” (

While any Christian scholar has an ability to name a movement, the question remains whether any organized movement exists and whether IHOPKC is part of that movement.

In much of the writing against NAR, there are strong implications that NAR is an organized movement with such things as “leaders,” “spokespeople,” “theology,” “interpretations of the Bible,” and even a NAR translation of the Bible. This presentation is misleading and disingenuous at best, as these same writers will add caveats that no such organizational apparatus or agreement between leaders and spokespeople exists. When examining this subject Dr. Roger Olson notes that he could discern no kind of organized movement, rather a “kind of umbrella term for a loose collection of independent ministries that have a few common interests.”(

IHOPKC has never claimed any membership or part in the NAR movement. While we know and honor some ministries who are identified as being part of the movement, we honor them as we would any other part of the Body of Christ.

This means we would have differences in theology and practice with these whom we would still consider brothers and sisters in Christ. We believe in the authority of scripture and the supremacy of Jesus in all things, we believe in the Apostle’s Creed and many “classic statements of Christian doctrine” (http://hich (IHOPKC’s statement of faith can be found here.) Our approach in relating to other members of the Body of Christ can be summed up in the common saying, expressed in various ways and attributed to various authors: in essentials, unity; in nonessentials, liberty; in all things, charity.

2. Has IHOPKC had any organizational relationship to C. Peter Wagner? 

While Mike Bickle personally knew and esteemed Peter Wagner as a brother in Christ, Peter had no organizational relationship with IHOPKC. Peter Wagner never spoke at an IHOPKC event and to our knowledge never visited IHOPKC. (Peter Wagner passed away in 2016.)

3. Does IHOPKC believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit?

While the term NAR may be used simply as a pejorative affiliation in the mainstream media, in the more academic examinations of the NAR, the theological arguments are rooted in whether the gifts of the Holy Spirit ceased in the first centuries (which leads to a position known as cessationism) or whether the gifts of the Holy Spirit continued through the Church age and are available to believers today (which leads to a position often known as continuationism.) IHOPKC would fall within the “continuationist” camp, believing that today’s Church should also follow the apostle Paul’s encouragement to “Pursue love, and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy.” (1 Cor 14:1 ESV)

Visitors to IHOPKC will quickly note that all members of the leadership team are simply known by their first name. While we believe in honoring each other, we believe that spiritual gifts are given to serve each other so that the body comes to maturity, not so that individuals can be honored by a title or office related to their gifts.

4. Is IHOPKC part of a movement led by people claiming to be apostles? 

There are no individuals with the title or office of prophet or apostle within the IHOPKC leadership team. IHOPKC leads with an eldership team model, having no one with the title of apostle or prophet. The IHOPKC leadership team strongly and consistently emphasize that believers must check the teachings that happen from any teacher in our congregational settings against the Bible. Further the IHOPKC leadership team have robust discussions about differing theological interpretations.

5. Does IHOPKC govern a network of churches?

No. IHOPKC is friendly with many in the Body of Christ across denominational boundaries and a number have been inspired by what has happened in Kansas City and have established “Houses of Prayer” in their own city. IHOPKC does not have any governmental authority over any of these churches or spiritual communities. While IHOPKC loves to serve and resource individuals and churches outside Kansas City, the leadership of IHOPKC only extends to our Missions Base in Kansas City.

6. Does IHOPKC believe that the end-time church will operate in miraculous powers?

Yes. IHOPKC believes in the continuation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit beyond the first century. We believe that believers in the Body of Christ today can operate in gifts such as healing and prophecy. Eschatologically, IHOPKC holds a theological view known as historical premillenialism. This is a mainstream orthodox belief amongst Christians throughout church history. We believe that Jesus will return to earth and believe that, prior to His return, the earth will go through a great tribulation. In the midst of this trouble we believe that many believers will be what the book of Revelation terms “overcomers.” Part of this overcoming we believe is the church operating in unity with the Holy Spirit and operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit as outlined in the New Testament.

7. Does IHOPKC believe that before Jesus returns the end-time church will release Jesus’ judgments on the Antichrist?

Church history shows that there are four major ways in which scholars have interpreted the text of Revelation. IHOPKC interprets Revelation through a futurist lens, which is consistent with an historic premillennial position. This is not a unique approach to reading Revelation historically. It falls well within the scope of historic orthodoxy.

Because IHOPKC holds this hermeneutical approach, it means that we believe there is a connection between the prayers of the saints and the judgments of God described in Revelation. This should not lead to a caricature of renegade believers roaming around calling down judgments as some have portrayed it; however, in dismissing such caricatures, we cannot dismiss the scriptures that indicate a connection between prayer and the release of God’s judgement in the Antichrist’s evil empire.

8. Does IHOPKC use the NAR translation of the Bible?

IHOPKC leadership and faculty generally uses the New King James Version (NKJV) or English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible, although we do not require or specify any version in particular. We have no comment on the so-called NAR translation, having never used, endorsed, or sold this translation.

9. Does IHOPKC teach dominion theology?

We affirm that God’s purpose is for Jesus to come back to fully establish His kingdom rule over all the earth. After the second coming, the saints will rule the earth under the leadership of Jesus Christ when He sets up His government on earth in Jerusalem in the millennial kingdom (1 Cor. 6:2; Rev. 5:10; 20:3–6). We believe that believers in this age are called to serve Jesus in many different spheres of society including politics and to help establish righteousness and justice in legislation when it is possible. We are to seek to be salt and light. However, we do not believe that most of society will be Christianized before Jesus returns. We believe that all the nations will follow the Lord and obey His Word after Jesus returns to establish His millennial kingdom.

We deny that the Church will take over all the governments of the earth before the return of Christ. In this we would differ from others who hold to more of a triumphalist eschatology that many organs of government will become Christianized before the return of Christ.

This may well be but they are a part of the movement. To read a expose on this come and Be Berean

Along side this is a thing called the Christian Mystics.


Johanna Michaelsen is one of many who are unmasking the new moves in the Church. In this video she unmasks a concept that the Elect could actually be deceived because altough we are sincere but unread in Scripture.

The Beautiful Side of Evil - Johanna Michaelsen Caryl Matrisciana - Mysticism in the Church

Here is another person who is sounding the alarm about the new mystics movement in the Church. It would seem that the mystic seeks the Experiential path to "knowing God" and indeed Jesus invites to "experience God" but this is within the bounds set up for us in Scripture. In fact all things are to be tested according to Scripture. A sign or miracle or healing does NOT necesarily denote the Correct Presence of that Living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Although it is then argued that the Patriarchs had no Scripture at all but the tradition of altar building and calling on gods, how it is that these could get away with "Experiencing God" and it become part of Scripture? The Over Arching Power of the Holy Spirit that had to do with the Giving of the Law and the words of the Old Testament Prophets is the reason why they were not deceived. Also if you look at the reactions of the Old Testament people who had interaction with The Voice of The LORD (YHVH) or the Angel of the LORD (YHVH) you uniformly saw, fear. They feared because they KNEW this was God.

Today we have the Enscripturated Inspired (Breathed out) words of the Living God to dictate what should be considered as Of God and what should not. This is the litmus of all "spiritual experience". When Jesus invites us to come and learn of Him, He tells us that He is meek and that there is a shared burden which is lighter than the Judaism of the day. Statements like commanding us to be Holy and His Father, our God is Holy, don't usually pop up in mystic circles. In fact what does pop sounds suspiciously like Pharmakia. The Holy Spirit does indeed have a weighty Glory but it is not DRUNKEN.

John Crowder and the Weighty Drunken Glory has at least spawned one deviation. This guy on a youtube video is not "getting into the presence of God" to "get whacked" but is advocating huffing frankinscense to get high. Now I will admit essential oils mixes like a frankinscense will give you a little "warm fuzzy" but is it the way we are to be in these last days? I thought we were supposed to be ... sober and vigilant, so as to not be caught off guard and decieved. (1Pet 5:8-9) But you look at this guy meeting and interviewer in his home ... advocating this and "Jesus started huffing frankinscence in the crib, evidence He was high from birth" says Brandon Barthop in this youtube video. If you read the Gospels, there is no mention of this as true because .... frankinscense is a sacred insence blended with several other parts as Holy unto the LORD (YHVH), not for recreational use. In fact the spices for incense and especially of the Holy anointing oil were prohibited by law outside of the Temple. (Ex 30:22-25)

Getting Drunk on God

Barthop is actually quite sincere in his desire to get drug addicts off their drug and onto something actractive that is healthier for them. Although psychologists might argue that this is not doing anything over positive for the addict. What addicts need is sobriety. Barthop is also quite sincere in his thinking of religiosity of legalism which tends to quench the Holy Spirit as being deadly to the Believer. In a sense it is .... as it tends to quench the Holy Spirit and restrict His sovereign movement but this new free for all approach of no holds barred is actually the other extreme and mystics of the past within Catholocism often times got so far off the beaten track as to be Heretics.

This new move is to be treated with great care. There is a time and place for the sense of a manifestation of what seems to be innebriation in that the suffering are given "wine" Prov 31:6 Give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish, and wine unto those that be of heavy hearts. This "wine" should produce a mending of brokeness and thereafter a strengthening of the person so as to cause them to walk in the Word of Scripture and in the Holy Spirit's anointing to KNOW the Word and the Lord in Spirit and In Truth, with greater clarity. This manifestation is only to mend. It's not a lifestyle which is what the mystics movement has made it out to be.

Any "move of God" if not followed in lock step with the Holy Spirit so as to progress from revelation to revelation in accordance with Scripture in its due season can become "corrupt" and this is what is sadly happening now. Barthop by the way was a Meth Addict and in the above video he has "cooked" a natural substance like meth to get high on and he owns the patent on it..... (????!!!!!) THAT is not Christlike.

But there are other "poisons" in this pot of theological stew. One of them is Dominion Theology. What is that?! I have a brief clip here that is on youtube that puts all this into a nutshell and believe you me, this is a shocker! This is what they believe.

What is Dominion Theology & 7 Mountain Mandate & Why is it Unbiblical?

Wyatt, a prophet is speaking at Rick Joiner's Morning Star Ministries, I think, and the clip that is shown in parts basically what is written below is what I got from it.

Jesus is coming for a body that has grown up into the same power character et al that He is as the head. He will come INTO His Church before He comes FOR His Church. A Spiritual coming...??? Thus we are to take back the Dominion we lost at The Fall.
But isnt this why Christ came ... God reconciling the world to Himself IN Jesus? Adam may have had a dominion over animals and such but this is a dominion unto stewardship. Paul spoke of a stewardship from God unto the believers in the delivery of the Gospel.

We are to take the world and reshape into that which Christ would want to inhabit... effectively creating His Kingdom on Earth before He comes...???

This is their mandated teaching.

Now regarding the Seven Mountains of Influence, this is Lou Ingle

You see something called The Hill Of The LORD Psalm 2 in the background on a projector, so the mountains are The Political Realm The Bussiness Realm The Family Realm Arts And Entertainment Religion Media and Education. This is also called the seven pillars. We are to position believers in this movement in the highest places. Presumably so that when Jesus sets foot on Earth and destroys all the governments His own will be in place... It is God who will set up His own Kingdom according to Dan 2:44 which states, And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever. So much for a Mandate to set up a Kingdom for Him.

This is however the root of the Seven Mountains Mandate movement. It all starts with two men YWAM founder Loren Cunningham and Bright founder of Campus Crusade For Christ.
THE SATANIC STRATEGY (Pt 1 of Seven Mountains Apostasy)

Loren was with his family in a cabin in Colorado in 1978 when the Lord came to Him with a list. He gets a phone call from Bill Bright who was also in Colorado and has the same "list".

Loren is told there are these Seven Mind Molders of culture that shape minds. Bill Bright is told they are Seven World Kingdoms. The mesage is that if these kingdoms or molders of minds are taken (for Christ) then one could "have the harvest of nations". Lance Wallnau got hold of this and transformed it into Seven Mountains. Thus mind molders or kingdoms or spheres of influence became Dominions that shape nations. He has fast tracked this into a Viral Movement.

Manifest Sons of God

Exposing and Refuting the Manifested Sons of God Theology

Walking in the same level of power that Jesus walked in. (The Spirit rests on Jesus WITHOUT measure but with the Believers IN measure)

New Apostolic Reformation
Restoration of the offices of Apostle and Prophet with the same quantative capacity as the NT apostolic or the OT prophetic.

Word Of Faith Positive Confession

If there is any influence on this Earth that is clearly mandated it is to present the Gospel and live the life of Christ out as in The Life Exchange as The Holy Spirit is making you into what God has declared you to be at Effectual Salvation. This is not exercising the signs and wonders of the NT Apostles per se unless in Missions as The Holy Spirit moves.

This is seen as prostituting the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The Kansas City Prophet movement comes apparantely out of the Latter Day Rain movement of the 30s, in the 80s which as of 93 became the New Apostolic Reformation movement. This is the Overcoming Bride. (Spiritual Warfare?)

Prosperity Gospel, send money and get blessed... Is this Grace or Works.

Wolves In Sheep's Clothing, PROSPERITY GOSPEL