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About the Rosicrucian Order

We welcome you and thank you for your interest in learning more about the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC. Perhaps you have already explored the vast sea of metaphysical and self-help books, programs, lectures, and seminars, and you may have found yourself wondering how to make sense of it all -- how to put it all together in a way that's practical and truly relevant to you.

You can acquire a lot of information from books, lectures, and classes, and you may even discover some very useful techniques for improving certain aspects of your life. But this approach to self-improvement is always incomplete, because most books, seminars and study groups have a limited focus, such as personal prosperity, improving relationships, meditation, spiritual attunement, or developing psychic abilities. And focusing on one area of study doesn't provide balanced development. The Rosicrucian system is unique -- it provides a foundation that ties together all of the different aspects of metaphysical study, and demonstrates their interconnectedness. Read more about this in Mastery of Life

Is the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, a religion?

No. AMORC, which stands for Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, is not a religion and does not require a specific code of belief or conduct. Rosicrucian students come from a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds. Becoming a Rosicrucian student does not in any way require you to leave your church, join a church, or change your religious beliefs.

Some Rosicrucian members do not subscribe to any specific religious beliefs at all. For students who do, we encourage them to participate in the religion of their choice. As a result, Rosicrucian students come from every religious denomination, and through our teachings, many find a greater appreciation of the mystical principles underlying their individual religious and philosophical beliefs. Those who do not belong to any particular religion often discover a sense of connection with a higher intelligence that was missing in their lives before.

We don't expect you to accept anything on faith. We want you to think for yourself, to learn how to draw upon the higher knowledge already within you. What we provide are simply the tools to enable you to accomplish this. The Rosicrucian teachings contain practical exercises and experiments that allow you to demonstrate for yourself the principles presented in the lessons and to access your own source of inner wisdom and guidance. As you do this, you'll begin developing natural abilities that may have been left dormant throughout your life. Almost immediately you'll begin to see your life in a different light.

How Is the organization structured?

The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, is a non-profit, educational charitable organization which is classified by the United States Internal Revenue Service under section 501(c)(3). Its activities and services are supported by dues and donations received from Rosicrucian students. After expenses are covered, all additional funds go back into the organization to further benefit its students, allowing us to expand our services, develop new programs and other projects that will help us accomplish our humanitarian goals.

What about other "Rosicrucian" groups?

There are a number of web pages using the word "rosicrucian" in their name. Some are created by small groups who describe themselves as rosicrucian, while others are created by private individuals who simply have an interest in rosicrucianism. We're often asked if these other web sites are affiliated with the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC. The answer is: A few of them are, but most are not.

The word "rosicrucian" is so old it cannot be trademarked, so other groups cannot be prevented from using it. However, the term "AMORC" in our name, Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, identifies us as the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, and no other group can use the word "AMORC" in its name.

AMORC has been operating since 1915, and we have affiliated lodges and chapters all over the world. Many of the other "rosicrucian" groups appearing on the web have been created in just the past few years, and appear to have no physical headquarters or facilities. Further, their philosophies may vary widely from those of AMORC. It has long been AMORC policy to not comment on, judge or evaluate the concepts, techniques or claims of other organizations. Through your own investigation, you will come to evaluate for yourself the worthiness of an organization.

Our international web site at contains a list of official AMORC web sites in various languages. These are the only web sites associated with AMORC. Any other web sites are NOT affiliated with our organization.

"We don't expect you to accept anything on faith. We want you to think for yourself, to learn how to draw upon the higher knowledge already within you."... This is spiritual gnosticism at its finest. Know it, Use it, Gain from it, RULE.

Folks People can be controlled, victories can be leveraged toward one side or another both physically and spiritually. Physically books like The Art Of War (Tsun Tsu. Oriental philosophies toward battle and life) Some of what it teaches is a excellent basis for battle strategy and manipulation of places and people. There are any number of books and websites and organizatiuons who for the right fee or allegiance will happily teach you how to exploit your fellow man. People are vulnerable in one or another areas learn where they are vulnerable and you can control them. But should Christians be involved in this type of defraudment. Spiritually if one managed to defeat the gods of another people they had a chance of defeating a morale deflated army. Today spiritual warfare against the Adversary is becoming increasingly necessary. Understanding how God defeated Satan and how to yield to the Holy Spirit as He wields the Word is key. But all these other things ARE the techniques and ideaologies to defeat us!

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