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For we are of One Spirit serving One Lord

The Star Group

Welcome to the age of Synegration.


A new word? Or a whole new way?

Star Group, the largest woman-owned marketing communications firm in the U.S., is a Synegrated™ Marketing Communications Company dedicated to creating business for B2B and B2C marketers alike operating in today’s hyper-competitive, rapidly evolving digital marketplace. 

We’re made up of a diverse group of people who come from all walks of life with a varying array of marketing experiences and backgrounds. At Star Group, Culture is King.

But we all share one common goal… a passion for outstanding work in marketing communications and creating business for our clients.

Folks this is from their own website.

Synegration would appear to be a blending of synergy and integration. Now while they have a place int he modern bussiness world and they are a new tech way to get the job done using synergy in integration is a new twist.


Star Group Communications has taken the concept of integrated marketing communications to a level that truly delivers on the promise. We broke down the silos that plague large multi-national agencies and created a platform that is centered around your brand and the challenges and opportunities you face in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace.

Synegration™ is discipline-agnostic and outcome-centric, and our programs deliver the highest ROI on marketing dollars invested.

Our operating model incorporates SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) with the tools and teams to get the job done. With profound insights, unparalleled creative, and a business acumen that embodies the spirit of entrepreneurialism and the discipline of an investment bank, we truly are... different.

Star Group Communications is also comprised of individual branded business units: The Star Group, The Media & Marketing Group, Trapezoid Communications, and LuxeMarCom. These groups are engaged in a variety of ways including individual projects, long term assignments, and AOR (Agency Of Record) relationships.

At the heart of Synegration™ is our mantra: Creating Business™ . It’s what we have done for over 25 years on behalf of our clients: helped them build their brands and their business, and support their operating cultures. 

This perhaps is the kind of connectivity that makes a New World Order platform go. What one has to realize is that without the "tech" of industry and the arts blending together in mass media (which is a techy part of the arts) which communicates and connects the "like minded" to grow and fund the ideals that will make a New World Order... or a Ziggarot. THe last time humanity pulled this kind of stunt we got the gift of languages (and then one language decided to be the "One Ring") What will we get when we try it again? Also take a long hard look at their little star. A Star with a thingy in it remeniscent of Star Trek commbadges. Pentegram much? Or maybe I am truly becoming paranoid and a conspiracy theorist nut job.

















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