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Mind and Populace Control

Consider the movies of the Bourne series.
The man is brought aboard the fishing boat with bullets in his back on a dark stormy night in the high seas and he comes to nearly kills the man trying to help him. The first movie continues with this man trying to piece together what has happened to him and ... who he is. The man is helped by the stranger who is a love interest by movies end... and the discovery is he is an assasin. The next two movies involve the high level black ops agencies and the CIA trying to kill off the man. Why? Because he was a programmed soldier whose programing went south when he tried to kill a man in front is his children or grandchildren and he fails in his "mission" which result in his programming "breaking". By the end of the last movie he has lost his girl to a fellow assasin. But goes back to where he was programmed from the beginning and tells them he is "Jason Bourne" no more. The CIA lady he helps to unmask the conspiracy of black ops to tells him his real name....Funny no more movies after that but the books seemed to continue.

People who were in occult and came out gloriously saved are considered nuts when they tell us that the covens served a higher group with more sinister aims. One such person was a high priest...John Todd

His is the unmasking of The Illuminati.There are others and they will speak here too.In looking for another program I discovered this fifteen episode series on Youtube that is supposed tp be talking only about MK Ultra but actually does a better job of talking about the applied agenda that the Government has used against foriegn nations in wartime and is using and plans to ue against you the citizen in peacetime. Listed as Monarch and MK Ultra the individual presentations talk about so much more. After the World Wars When Axis and Allied nations separated into power groups under the Stallin and Lenin and Marxist Communism thought philosophies and government, we not liking the alternatives of possible infiltration by the "evil reds" began military rograms to defend our soil and to assault our enemies on foreign soil. A whole bunch of new governmental agencies sprouted up like summer wheat. CIA FBI NSA DOD DOJ and more ( today we add HomeLand Security) they were put in pace so we could all sleep at night. They came into their own during the Eisenhour Administration. ( Eisenhour or Ike for short was also a military man whose tactics ensured the Japanese surrunder and peace treaties after WW II. He signed off for a lot of stuff added his ok to even more and if you think the loyal civil servants were about to divulge their every plan to him you have another thing coming. But he knew something wasnt quite right. This is what he had to say in his outgoing address. 

Eisnehour fairwell speech

Listen to his warnings. What did he suspect then that we know now?By the time of Kennedy our little security blanket had started to come into its own.
Kennedy was a rather odd duck himself and yet it is said that this speech is what got him killed.

Kennedy speech

The following are notes taken off the fifteen presentations. In the notes i did what i could to follow up on certain items so you could read more about it.

CIA: Monarch, and MKUltra Mind Control Programs
its the first of fifteen.
It starts with the military pheonix program and evolves from there.

MK ULtra 1

The PHEONIX PROGRAM was insituted to destroy the vietnamese people who were around the communist sympathizers. especially the children. It was supported by the White House and the CIA. 1500 people were supposed to be killed monthly. The leaders of this program were apparently ex bay of pigs cubans. (Bay of pigs was the botched mission of the USA against cuba. Kennedy never lived it down.) NOw folks this was a war tactic used to ensure and safeguard our soldiers from their soldiers. There is ever more the constant "Charlie" lurking around gun in hand fully loadeed and lethal waiting to kill you. The VC were rather ruthless after all. Like the Asiatic thought of old, perhaps like the Huns too they were harshly dealt with. But the "hunters" who went after the "bad men" were ruined by and large by this style of butchery. Imagine bringing back the ear of the dead to prove you killed it like some twisted trophy. Folks this was Vietnam. The testimony of one Vincent Okimato who according to wikipedia became a very prestigious judge. He was one of the ones who hunted down the people on the CIA's lists. The operatives were the Pheonix people. Listen to what he says. The Mind war paper was written by General Michael Akino who became head of the church of set after serving under Anton LaVey Church of Satan. The use of microwaves or ionizing and nonionizing techniques was developed for the war bu then the use of microwaves agaisnt those who opposed the vietnam war was warranted because it was considered treason to oppose the war reflects a sudden shift in the mindset of the Government. According to this film the CIA still is running the Phoenix Program according to this person. Use of microwaves or ionizing and nonionizing techniques that kill without leaving a trace are valued and highly sought to silence us the Americans.Terms like soft kill slow kill and silent kill refer to "the enemy" in situations just short of war. The thought of COUNTER INSURGENCE DOCTRINE which is now applied to the HOME FRONT (Homeland Security post 9/11) made it so that if you were percieved to be against the government you were commiting treason and it was lawful to kill you. This could be called "Dissapearing" people, today if you talk to the homeless you will find they are being removed from places they hang out because they arent wanted. It was discobered that if you can program people to be assasins you can use them to remove troublemakers from your midst. This is still the ideology today. But where does this originate from? I mean who dreamed all this up? Its roots are in the post WW II Mahatan Project.

MK Ultra 2

The Manhatan Project used the Trinity site for ground level explosions of an A bombs. Soldiers were put in field while they were being exploded the men in foxholes on site of above ground tests later called Atomic Soldiers who were purposefully placed in harms way to see what the effect would be on them and their equipment. Furthermore Plutonium injection testing was done in hospitals on civilians for 30 years most without consent or real knowlege of what was being done to them. Plutonium injections were given in local and military hospitals to see what the effects would be. Our governments agencies were looking for the cost in collateral damage. Later in high altitude atmospheric testing there were and still are the downwinders. The downwinders are those whose bodies are now infected with higher than normal trace amounts of nuclear component like plutonium. The downwinders are the citizens of the world. If only there were a lawyer for this one!

MK Ultra3

The testing on patients was eventually exposed resulting in forced compensation in part. The people who were brought into the hotseat made their excuses told their lies and they got away with it! During the Nuremburg trials our government in a bid to out fox the Russians hired on Natzi war criminals. Natzi war criminals whose experiments were not quite as damning as these were put to death for less. HOW ON EARTH did our legislature allow this military and protective arm of the government ot begin to amass and wield this much clout that it began to rise above the law?
Where did the money come from? Who bankrolled it all? Names start popping up over and over again. Very influential and rich names and they all are a part of The Agenda to destabilize the nations of the world.

MK Ultra was/is a secret CIA experimental program to develope techniques to control the human mind.The process for military personel started in concentraton camps with solitary confinement and guards who badgered the prisoners that confession would make it all stop.

In the movie G I Jane about a military woman who is picked for a program she is supposed to fail but suceeds in and the process of training she under goes. SEER program covers some of the so called technique. Confinement and seperation. it goes both ways the loyal squad might give information for their leaders release or vice versa.

In Operation Paperclip ( ) Natzi scientists war criminals (see BBC news clip) were hired to help US scientists in "the cold war"against the Russians. Radiation medicine, microwave technology ( piggy backing signals to cause emotional reaction at distance using microwaves) and MK Ultra (MK Mind Kontrol the german spelling) Mengele one of the most sucessful programmers there was at the time. He used mescaline, electroshock, torture, rape, starvation and trauma bonding to creating DID Disociative Identity Disorder which caused the mind to split into different personalities much like the partitioning of a harddrive. The new personalities called ALTERS were programmed to control minds. Once again I think of Bourne.

MK Ultra 4

Joseph Mengale called Beautiful Joseph by the living survivors of these tests. there are many programs now in play using drugs and a whole host of other things to reprogram the mind. According to the test results the best technique is to traumatize someone at age three... this creates the first personality split which is the minds way to shield the conscious from the memory that would drive the victim insane. Repitition of the same trauma at age six seems to reinforce the split. The use of images for hypnotized and discociatized individual give programmers and later handlers access to the spit persona or "ALTER" personality. In Bourne Identity they were referred to as "ASSETS" Sleep deprivation and trama based drug enhanced torture causing discociation and then triggering and programming the alter is how you got people who could be triggered into action at the mere sounding of a word or receiving of a card with an image. All they would ever know thereafter is they couldnt account for the contiguous whole of thir days. UFO victimology runs perhaps along the same lines. (Gotlieb did a lot of work on the use of rugs like LSD to enhance programming) The CIA abuse commitee hearings forced a restitution to some of the victoms families. Cameron a Canadian doctor funded by Cornel. Depatterning is done by over dosing LSD, inducing a drugged sleep or coma for 86 days straight, using a recording that is played in a continuous loop 24 hours a day during this time, which is called psychic driving, is the theorhetical way to prepare a person for reprogramming. It apparently worked in concentration camps in Vietnam and it works now. Depatterning creates the TABULA RASA state of a newborn. no memory, no motor, skills not even potty training. One could conceivably fast track retrain the individual to become ANOTHER PERSON altogether with no interferance from the core memories of the real self because thye have been stripped. THEY ARE DOING THIS STILL and THIS TACTIC IS ONE OF MANY THAT AntiChrist WILL USE ON US.

This article is a very good look into ritual abuse that MK Ultra programming or any other for that matter cause.

MK Ultra5

Then CIA director Helm's father was head of Federal Reserve.(Here is another part of the Agenda, the destabiliation of global currency. Zeitghiest Federal Reserve five part series. This is the link to part one. ( Helms had a win at all costs mindset was ruthless. He advocated use of LOW INTENSITY WARFARE employing use of subliminal messaging to "the enemy populations" or high fequencies to effect the unconscious or subconscious mind in memories. 1977 senate hearing. memo to warren commission on biological radio communication. Which means basically piggybacking subliminal messaging or programing on radio waves that are heard subconsciously and processed subconsciously until whatever programming is activated into consciousness. You might for example send messaging to be angry when a certain topic is discussed and broadcast on all bands this messaging and the event that triggers the "topic" and therefore the anger happens as is planned and entire communities might be up in arms on the streets. CYBERNETICS useful for molding character during childhood.

In OPERATION OFTEN the CIA looked into the use of occult with a sorceress by the last name of Leek. Former cop and crminologist Anton LaVey who had a small group called I believe "The Mystic Circle" went on to found the Church of Satan. His follower and supporter General Michael Akino later went on to found the Church of Set. Soon
rituals were placed into college curriculum possibly as a part of anthropological studies, the students involved were studied. The use of Radio Hypnotic Introcereberal Control RHIC using radio waves to transmit electronic stimuli that in turn produce specific emotions. Using specific frequencies and creating shocks within the mind can produce emotions that are irresistable and inexplicable. there are more but the scources may be biased... not that this one isnt also.
Imagine the mayhem this can create. Electronic Disolution Of Memory or EDOM for short. Wikipedia thinks this an urban legend. Others dont.

( which would be a part of the lie. Jose Delgado began experimentation with this concept and Illuminati use of this concept has spawned Alien Abductions( By using specific radio waves one might conceivably erase memory remotely. The result is activity triggered into action and the subsequent memory wipe of the event such that no guilt remains and the subject is now totally helpless to keep from responding to the programmed stimuli. The murderous mom who never gets caught and who has no memory of it. (

PROJECT PANDORA..1953 Russian bombardment of US embassy in Moscow with radiation via micrwaves with alarming results. People died from serious disease because of being microwaved. USA began experimentation on monkeys with high frequency microwaves to chart the reactions and results.
The place was DARPA institute. DARPA stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and it has its tentacles into everything or so it would seem. The Mentor program heps kids get into technology like building Bots. But it was not always allegedly so benevalent or it has a dark side and an offical website experimentations were done on college campuses in hospitals and institutions (This may be real it may be fictional but some how the story had to come from somewhere.. )( ) and it is theorized after realizing man can be ROBOTICIZED that this is the worse form of warfare to date.

MK Ultra 6

Women either at a military base or a nearby institution reprorted faitgue headaches panic attacks, loss of concentration, memory, speech pattern disruption, burnt face even at night some cases were serious. Readings made showed increase signal activity around the time of the departure perhaps of missles, they are the same effects of microwave warfare as in low intensity non thermal usage. Recently a news caster had an episode of disphasia while on camera but there was nothing found wrong with her. was she near microwaves at that time? and cell phone usage....might ultimately do the same thing over time and studies show this is happening. Due to the fact that a lot of this tresting violates conventions the DOD uses DOJ to test non lethal weapons on US the citizens but is noone can truly prove the connection or knows of the connection... or knows that if you rise up and protest they will learn all about you and you will likely become the new guinna pig for an experiment. All these experiments are classified as CROWD CONTROL. Noone likes the unruly mob so noone looks to hard. (This is What A Police State Looks Like (PART1) These are the tacttics of a police state, which is what communism uses to control the masses and keep them under The Dogma. The police state video sounds like the actions of just that concept of BIG BRTHER watching you when you "rebel" even in peaceful protest that was an ammendment right under freedom of speech.... that under things like PATRIOT ACT no longer actually exist. 1993 National Institute of Justice initiative on less than lethal weapons recommended that state and local police use PSYCHOTRONIC and ELECTROMAGNETIC weapons of mind control on protestors and even on citizens involved in DOMESTIC DISTURBANCES. So the next time a family dispute brings police out... and they use TASERS on you .... this is the recommendation that empowered the cop to carry and use it.
other articles on this LA VEY church of satan a former cop who studied criminology. he is allowed to have this church. he worked with then NSA director General Michael Akino leader later of church of Set. He theorizes that use of radio tv or micrwave with piggy back signals of tone frequencies can cause unrest and fear in genral populations targetted by them. creating a environment of fear or TERROR as in (THE WAR ON TERROR) will control whole populations of nations. WE ARE IN ONE OF THOSE ENVIRONMENTS RIGHT NOW do you have a real fear? Is it more a general dispersed anxt? Do you know why? Can you put your finger on it? If you add demonic assistance to the recipiency of this barrage you can paralize the will of man. moreover Akino now targets what is called closed systems (not societies) of cult based groups to manipulate them by means which violate their amendment rights. His is a general psychological warfare tactic. He has infiltrated cults to get new programmed people. to destabilize centers of constitutional and legal authority. globally.
NOW once you destabilize law enforecment and judicial systems once you destabilize the moral fiber (cults do this) as well and gat your self a virtual army of programmed or roboticized people and moreover destabilize economies and ecologies or agricutures you can topple nations without ever firing a shot. About trauma bonding and mengela... it works best when started at age three but is enhanced to wrk best also when the subject is forced to kill ... usually their twin. TWINNING (Josef Mengele was perhaps one of the most notorious of Nazi eugenicists, having performed horrific experiments on countless children to further the fields of genetic engineering and behavior modification.He was known to attempt to change the eye color of his subjects by placing drops of painful, caustic chemicals into their eyes, sometimes resulting in blindness, but never resulting in the blue eye color he was attempting to produce.He was also known for a demented mind control technique called “twinning”. "In this technique, two non-related children were connected emotionally in an intense and reinforced bond, and then one of the two children would be forced to murder the other or die themselves.This would result in such immense psychological trauma that the mind of the child would literally split, one part disassociating from the main, conscious core to avert madness or death..." (Exceprt from this site )) and TRAUMA BONDING

The following is a list of cults used to continue MK Ultra operations includes:

Jonestown Peoples Temple took over Mendecino state hospital to evaluate the feasibility of deinstitutionalizing mental patients. Jones was ex CIA?
Mormom church
Children of God (Central America)
Manson family and the PROCESS CHURCH (illuminati cult utilizing MONARCH mind control technique Manson was a MONARCH SLAVE)
Masons and the circle w/in the circle

MK Ultra 7

All these cult group are closed groups where once infiltrated the work goes on without interferance.
aka The Franklin coverup ...a book
Larry King purported pedifile who ran a sex ring for the Republicn National Party and then blackmailed participants for large sums of money. THE AFTER PARTY was where the debauchey took place. They defrauded FRANKLIN savings and loan of 40 million using BOYS TOWN residents and others to film the sex acts. It was a ploy set up and endorsed but with plausable deniability through MK Ultra for the use of sexual blackmail ops targetting political figures with connections and or deep pockets to ensure funding. YOUR CONGRESS IS BOUGHT! YOUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM IS BOUGHT! YOUR CABINET AND WHITE HOUSE ARE BOUGHT! to the limit of the perversion and lack of mores and ethics in the character of your elected officials these blackmails HAVE BOUGHT THEM. They therefore MUST vote the way their blackmailers demand. This gives rise to the spending cuts that are NEVER MADE for the military. ALL THIS IS UNDER DOJ AND DOD control which is funded by funds for the military!
those who came forward to testify of what was done to them have been silenced.

MK Ultra 8

Sun Yung Moon proclaims himself reincarnation of Jesus Buddha and Mohammed (THE THREE MAJOR REGIONS .... asian middle east and western world all would follow him!) CROWNING OF MOON AS PRINCE OF PEACE 2004 march in DC at dirkson senate office building attended by 86 US congresmen and 26 UN ambassadors.
His cult apparently bought the NY times for 1 billion.
On the lists of freemasons there are lot of american elected officals including Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the United States (1953–1969), Grand Master of California 1935 to 1936 This is the same Warren who is spoken of here. The President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, usually called the Warren Commission after its chairman Chief Justice Earl Warren, conducted hearings in 1964 on the assassination of President Kennedy.
i interupt here and state that if the mind control stuff is real and one breaks down the personality into altars through trauma based programming there will indeed be memories inserted to fll the gaps of "missing time" the time when the altar comes out to whatever in the day of the person themselves. What better way t get at subjects and handle their memories and adjust their programing than to have a foundation for it. They use this foundation to deny the existance of ritual satanic or any cultic abuse. (its all in your head)

MK Ultra 9

BLACK PSYCHIATRY not an ethnic thing
HUGHES IS THE CIA the ----works at hughes air craft manifacturers and the covert ops of high altitude spy planes (the wing) (stealth)
TROJAN HORSE what the athenians did to troy hitler did to germany.... read your history form a very much older text book and look at the rise to power. he used gangs he used coersion he used terrorism and a svengalied ability to do public speaking yet it is reported he was the reict's puppit. was he? what truly was then his ,,, komph? (german for struggle)

MK Ultra 10

the profiles of the natzis were mid level minds very rigid who needed direction. it cna happen here and is and will continue to happen here.... only the fact that most of us are bron rebels at some level and there is no one personality saying or doing all the right things makes a total natzi environ impossible at this time... not the government with its so called checks and balances. (bought govts dont have these even if they do)
use of microwaves to effect central nerovus system and mood and emotion and even subconscious thought. AMERICAN PSYCHOTRONICS ASSOCIATION PSITECH CORP If you think this is a hoax folks guess again. They have their own website and they will train you. SMIRNOFF PATENT
FBI program against dissadents.... am I now a dissadent with this little web site... are you as you read this and do the homework of checking it out... or even thinking about it? will "they" be knocking at my door soon.... because they know where I live ... the internet is NOT SAFE! their targets include Martin Luther King Jr.... he was to be replaced because he was good enough to be a threat by uniting the black african american movements and people. (he was a darn good preacher!)

MK Ultra 11

Cointelpro strategy against the movements existing at the vietnam war time was to stop them from UNITING.... ascerbate the normal race religion sex etc quarrels. Make them divided agsinst each other instead of united against the "powrs that be" wait.... the church is having the same problem isnt it? Not everyone who is Christian is ELECT. thus infiltration CAN AND DOES OCCUR.they will keep on dividing and conquering till the Love Of God overcomes them.We have caused the underdog to take out his master time and again in nation after nation. The Iran saga continues today... this explains by the way why desert sheild and storm happened. Blowback is what happens when what we do has undesired consequences that effect us. Maybe we should stop doing it? But what motivates man? LOVE HATE FEAR GREED HONOR and INSANITY. The Mindcontrollers know just how to push the right buttons and manioulate our flesh. But we call to a higher authority who knows just how to disconnect those buttons. We should be calling now.

MK Ultra 12

How the real Hussaine was started? The golden triangle? Columbian cartels selling to gangs and the CIA ia using this to gather intel on the enemy?! If this is even remotely for real folks what does this mean for your kids? Are you listening to this? GARY WEBB his book is called Dark Alliance The CIA, The Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion. you can do a preview of it perhaps in google books. Purportedly Gary was murdered after the book went public.

MK Ultra 13

Above ground workers heard the command "bring us cake" masked in white noise and they did. In one experiment the use of a computer monitor and display a string of numbers but at so many images inject a command like fear... its called subliminal messaging and its illegal in the US the FCC purportedly takes a dim view of it... but ... do "they" do it anyway?
Or we can just use the microwave tower down the street. Seeing as it has been discovered we are sensitive to low frequency radio waves... one scientist tried broadcasting words into the auditory centers of people...

MK Ultra 14

The result... the Frey effect radio waves produced sound or stimulus in the back of the head... a great little covert ops tool in an absolutely dirty little tool kit. Now they tell us this is for our own good.. all we learn about how to manipulate your mind we will use to defend you little citizen... have no fear. Did you see the cat? This guy wouldnt use people but someone else did. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO PROTECT US?
Dr. PERSINGER DID A PAPER ABOUT ACCESSING THE HUMAN BRAIN BY ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION USING FUNDIMENTAL ALGORYTHYMS.... hey i can make you have a God encounter! God doesnt have to exist anymore we can just be programmed to believe He does.... what the *********!!!!!!!??????? (Do you think they already did that?) ( yes but how do you explain the histories outside the bible of those people who ran around in dresses and declared God Omnipotent.... maybe there is a time machine and they went back and used the machine on them too....) (uh oh)
Whats worse is they can use that enmasse to make the people of the world see in AntiChrist what simply isnt there! The technology is right in front you.... or in the living room... "hey turn on the telly Martha..." WIRED is a real magazine and respected.
HAARP we have all heard about this... i have a friend somewhere up north who swears they have been effected by it weather wise that is....SDI starwars defense initiative.... if i send a nuke at you skipping it around in space to eenter on your doorstep will your laser zap it? that was the whole thing.... but what else did it spawn? HAARP " the ultimate radio frequency radiation weapon" but doesnt it effect the weather? Regan Administration and PROJECT SLEEPING BEAUTY HAARP is described a research tool for studying the ionisphere... high altitude arora research platform.... it can mess up the weather anything electro magnetic and the ionosphere which protects us from the SUN....I read this from the John Todd testimonies. It spins a chilling thought on a very loved set of novels and movies. If it is true what do we say to all those it hurt? Moreover this is continuing. What if this is true what does this mean to you Christian? Project paperclip taken from BBC news online. (hence the inclusion of their logo) WHY WOULD WE EVER DO THIS? Now this person's information about the things being dont to children matches the stories told by John Todd and others. From On Monarch Programming The Pheonix program This articles text matches the video.Now if men were coming back with ears of the dead to prove they killed them.... what did this do to the men? Is there any reason why Viet Vets get a red carpet treatment and fast tracking in things like Social Security and Medical? There are laws on the books mandating special treatment for them. Sounds like a guilty government is cowtowing to those who made the jump from soldier back to civilian and then into law to help their fellow servant in arms. Know anyone who had that story of going on hunting raids after VC? Maybe they were following orders from this program.The Manhatan Project Which led to the bombing of Hiroshema and Nagasaki.

Within this fifteen video series the chain if events through the MKUltra talks about our Government allegedly did in order to understand how our minds work and can be contolled. I found a site with a list of these programs. Their views may not be shared by me but their information is much appreciated.I simply cannot list them all and the names dropped are to numerous for me to keep up with. However Anton Lavey and his church of satan apparently was funded by the heavy weights in government. Michael Akino and his church of Set was another occult group that came up. He is a general. This fifteen video series links the Jim Jones church, moonies, the church of satan, the mormons, the church of set, boys town, children of God and others as linked in the government, including the church of scientology and even the masons. Considered closed society cults our government allegedly found a bevvy of test subjects for their testing.

Rememeber that the goals of the powers that be want to destabilze whole nations so that when AntiChrist comes they will flock to him for help. This was done to desensitize the world to atrocities. You see if they werent also doing this why would they ever allow anyone to expose them? Senate commitee hearings presidential appologies tell all exposes? You are being programmed right now in the most vital part of your being.

Your spiritman...

The more you hear, and you have to hear it to be aware of it and vigilant against it, the more your spiritman is numbed ripped raped in a way and desensitized. Only being in Christ spending the time in His word, in His presence will resensitize you. You need to feel the sorrow, and let Jesus bring comfort, and the shock, and let Jesus refresh you, from HIS perspective. In order to do that you must be free of bitterness. As you are reading this sites expose and as I am writing it we are both being embittered. Heb 12:15 Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled; ...Looking at Jesus. Reember this is information to make you look around and think. To make you aware of the time. To make you take inventory of your walk with God ...NOW. Not to be gloried in rejoiced over poured over absorbed until you become a conspiracy nut. No this information compells you I hope to compassion and caution. Put your all on Jesus... commit ALL you ways to Him and He will marvelously keep you now and in the hours ahead.

If any amount of this is true what is happening and what does it mean for you Christian?Time to wake up people and let God be sovereign.




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