Picking Apart The Threads

commitee 300

In this diagram we see a confusing interwoven net or web of players all interacting with one another. But it seems to all start here. With one british Queen who unarguably was Christian and brought her nation out of obscurity. But like all monarchs ( no not monarch programs and she sported no butterflies on her body.) she needed to finance her throne, army, aid societies to her people... what have you. She needed to do it by trade. Trade was how you found new places and new regimes to either cozy up to or sieze. So it is that we find this information.

So she went into bussiness and founded the East India Company better known today as EIC

There were two in the end. Portugal who for a time dominated the spice and pepper market was finally edged out by the Dutch EIC

Between these two MEGA COMPANIES the English and Dutch crowns who were allies on many fronts reaped and enormous amount of money.

Their investors became and I suspect remain fabulously wealthy from dividends and possible kick backs through these two companies. The Dutch branch did file for bankruptsy and I would assume it proper that the English bought up their suppliers and ports. This they would have become number 1 in both the opium market and the spice market. This is merely speculative.

So this and mega corporations spawned from this is where the money comes from.

In the research I came across the the words The Elite and The Powers That Be. There is no concrete evidence for their existence though I suspect they may be the overall title for all these secretive organizations.

So we now come to the Commitee of 300.

Founded in 1727 by British aristocracy and presided over by the Knights of The Garter The commitee of 300 on the other hand was a mover and shaker group. They came out of the EIC (East India Company) and its appointed council of 300. Though I cannot find a reason for the original council I do see that the royal family appointed it. It is posible that this was an oversight council to look into the vast EIC connections and fortunes being amassed by the crown. It is presumably benign in intent and use but its structure was useful to the founders of the Commitee of 300 apparently also known as The Olympians. These are like minded people with enough money to buy political clout and strong arm their doctrines and philosophies into laws and codes of ethics. All the groups are this way and each is responsible for a plethora of think tanks and organizations. They have a definite agenda. Their agenda is very diverse and thus they need to found other groups that will handle the various details of a concept of basically a global community run by their principles and staffed with a small managable happy citizenry of slaves who believe themselves ..."blessed"(???)

This Committee founded The Roundtable. It in turn set up six different organizations. Now it may be that this is the first face of The Illuminati. This is another one of the cadre of orginizations. The Roundtable itself seems to be the focal point of the Bilderbergers. In fact as I was searching for the Roundtable I finally found it under Bilderberger Roundtable.

The Knights Templar also play a big role in the set ups for later organizations. Consider that non-combatant members of the Order managed a large economic infrastructure throughout Christendom, innovating financial techniques that were an early form of banking, and building fortifications across Europe and the Holy Land.

When they fell into disfavor and were eventually disbanded all the economic support suddenly dissapeared giving rise to rumors which persist to this day. Basically they took their money and left. Portugal is the only country who did not harass the order by order of the King himself. Portugal became a major economic player in its own right both in the transatlantic shipping and later in the transatalantic slave industry. But before that time they received another major benefit which came in 1139, when Pope Innocent II's papal bull Omne Datum Optimum exempted the Order from obedience to local laws. This ruling meant that the Templars could pass freely through all borders, were not required to pay any taxes, and were exempt from all authority except that of the Pope. What might be their imagined gratuitous response? Enhancement of the vatican coffers? Here is the connection.

Although the primary mission of the Order was military, relatively few members were combatants. The others acted in support positions to assist the knights and to manage the financial infrastructure. The Templar Order, though its members were sworn to individual poverty, was given control of wealth beyond direct donations. A nobleman who was interested in participating in the Crusades might place all his assets under Templar management while he was away. Accumulating wealth in this manner throughout Christendom and the Outremer, the Order in 1150 began generating letters of credit for pilgrims journeying to the Holy Land: pilgrims deposited their valuables with a local Templar preceptory before embarking, received a document indicating the value of their deposit, then used that document upon arrival in the Holy Land to retrieve their funds. This innovative arrangement was an early form of banking, and may have been the first formal system to support the use of cheques; it improved the safety of pilgrims by making them less attractive targets for thieves, and also contributed to the Templar coffers. {Folks this is your first "cashless or coinless society"}

Based on this mix of donations and business dealing, the Templars established financial networks across the whole of Christendom. They acquired large tracts of land, both in Europe and the Middle East; they bought and managed farms and vineyards; they built churches and castles; they were involved in manufacturing, import and export; they had their own fleet of ships; and at one point they even owned the entire island of Cyprus. The Order of the Knights Templar arguably qualifies as the world's first multinational corporation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knights_Templar

This is where Queen Elizabeth I got the idea for the EIC. When the order was disbanded they were the holders for outrageous sums of money. What monies they could they might have given back to the original owners but they had investments to be certain and those investments had to go somewhere. Noone in their right mind knowing the business of the Templers would have allowed all that money to go to waste. This however would give rise to fabulous tales of outrageous fortunes buried treasuries etc. But then where did the money go? Possible answer? Portugal. The Templers were disbanded in the 1300s but many of them fled to Portugal where the King protected them. All this over the hopes of a merger of two orders the Templers and the Hospitalers and the sullied rep of the Templers before the papacy and a french King who was in debt over his head to the Templers who was asked by the papacy for help in an investigation. No Templers... no debt. This king had to have some pull withthe church because he got his way and the bull was issued condemning them as heretics.

The leaders of the order were caught and killed and many of the rank and file as well. But those who fled to Portugal also knew of accounts and I imagine a manner was conceived to share the knowlege of assets and the banks or treasury locations. So once in Portugal the order underwent a name change. They became the Knights of Christ the original Templars were supressed in 1312 and this new order was founded in 1319. Here's where the money went folks.

Source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_Christ_(Portugal)

Under heavy influence from Philip IV of France,(remember our indebted King?)  Pope Clement V (he had been trying to negotiate a merger with the Hospitalers and as the head of that order was delayed he was looking into allegations and had asked Philip for help.)  had the order annihilated throughout France and most of Europe on charges of heresy, but King Denis (Diniz) of Portugal, forced by the Pope who found that the Order's assets should for their nature stay in any given Order instead of being taken by the King, re-instituted the Templars of Tomar as the Order of Christ, largely for their aid during the Reconquista (the retaking of Portugese lands after the Moors were driven out)  and in the reconstruction of Portugal after the wars. King Denis (Diniz) negotiated with Pope Clement's successor John XXII for the new order's recognition and right to inherit the Templar assets and property. Ahhh joy of discovery. The Templers had helped Denis (Diniz) in his time of need. Remember the Templers were not just bankers they were also soldiers. But as Portugal was rebuilt, because you have re-established your sovereignty over your territories doesnt mean the people you ousted didnt slash and burn or deconstruct in their wake and a lot of ethnic groups might just do that for spite. Even so the damages of the ousting would have necesitated rebulding and re-establishment of Portugese "industries", so to speak, and so now we remember the Templers werent just soldiers, they were also bankers. Bankers who could with aid and monies from any crown set up banking systems! So in return they were allowed to reconviene because it was decided he couldnt take their money. But Denis (Diniz) had to wait it out and thus he did. The promise of revenue and kickbacks and payoffs fo their keep after things were settled in Portugal was enough for the King to pressure the next pope who came into office very shortly after. The curse of one of the leaders of the Templers fell on the papacy on march 3 1314. That pope died about a month later. It took a lot of time for this Reconquista to be complete and thus from the 1200s to the 1400s this was going on. So when the new pope took office... in 1314 (it doesnt take long for the college of the Vatican to elect a new pope folks.) the process of a papal bull allowing the Templer fortunes to be inherited by the Knights of Christ began. Conceivably it went through in or around 1319 when the new order was fully founded. The King got his money the Templer fortunes were restored in large part and Portugal became very wealthy. Now some other lesser known or understood things. The Templers who helped the Portugese werent the first crusader group to assist both Portugal and Spain in their ousting of the Moors. But the Moors were inventors. So as long as they pledged ties to the crowns of Spain and Portugal these were allowed to stay. Then there was the Jewish section of things. Lest we forget who the real money lenders were... moneylending or banking was a thing even mentioned in the Bible. The Law of Moses gave stipulation about "banking" with regard to the year of Jubilee and apreciationa and depreciation of loans. It also specified that Jews could not collect interest ... from other Jews but from Gentiles there was no such stipulation. (Deu 23:19 Thou shalt not lend upon usury to thy brother; usury of money, usury of victuals, usury of any thing that is lent upon usury: Deu 23:20 Unto a stranger thou mayest lend upon usury; but unto thy brother thou shalt not lend upon usury: that the LORD thy God may bless thee in all that thou settest thine hand to in the land whither thou goest to possess it. ) The secret of banking sucess is not only in the investment of funds while you have them but in the interest you charge for repayment of loans!

Who do you think the crusaders learned banking from? Thus dealings on the side ndoubtedly took place between Templers or Knights of Christ and Moors and Jews, Banking deals. Now fast forward to the time of Elizabeth 1 of England. By the time of Elizabeth 1 Vatican files record Papal pardons and French pardons known as Chinon Parchments. So by now the defunct order under a new name was re-establising its banking with holding in England France Portugal Greece (Antioch) Hungary and Croatia to name a few places. So the Templars fortunes and banking skills were either around or evolved by the 1600s. By the way I have a modest thought about the Grail of the Templer legends. What if it is a codified manner of talking about the money? As to the legends I cant make any guesses. Now some of the Templers also went places where the Papacy was no longer in vogue, like Scottland. It is here that the thought is that Freemasonry began out of the Templer fortunes that made it intact to these regions. But what of the Knights of Christ? They lasted through to the 1800s. They were refored and used in the Portugese encroachment into Africa. There were attempts to overhaul the order several times and it swung between the monastic and mercenary quite a bit. http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/03698b.htm

Still with such skills and holdings where did all the money go? Is there credence to the mask of freemasonry perhaps being an evolution out of the Templers themselves. We do have the Skottish Rite which goes up to 33rd degree. But when you look at the above diagram guess whose missing? No Masons. I wonder why? That may be a mystery for another page.

The Council On Foreign Relations CFR

Just when you thought you found the end of the rabbit hole you click on a link and find something ... unexpected and not on the list. Well one might say "oh its a subsidiery of the UN till you match the dates. I give you The Permanent Court of International Justice (1922-1946) and Covenant League of Nations

Now in the diagram above there are some more direct spawns of the Committee of 300 that are not necessarily related to the Round Table. The UN is one. The NRO (U.S. National Reconaisance Office) is another. Who are they?! http://www.nro.gov/ They are real with a web site and all. Remember too that .govs usually means state and federal or even city or county.


Ok folks this is right off the site on the About Us.

Develop. Acquire. Launch. Operate.

When the United States needs eyes and ears in critical places where no human can reach – be it over the most rugged terrain or through the most hostile territory – it turns to the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). The NRO is the U.S. Government agency in charge of designing, building, launching, and maintaining America’s intelligence satellites. Whether creating the latest innovations in satellite technology, contracting with the most cost-efficient industrial supplier, conducting rigorous launch schedules, or providing the highest-quality products to our customers, we never lose focus on who we are working to protect: our Nation and its citizens.

From our inception in 1961 to our declassification to the public in 1992, we have worked tirelessly to provide the best reconnaissance support possible to the Intelligence Community (IC) and Department of Defense (DoD). We are unwavering in our dedication to fulfilling our vision: Vigilance From Above.

MARTHA GET OUT THE TIN FOIL! THEY'RE AT IT AGAIN.... Vigilance from above... consider Google Earth. Google is private sector and they can zoom right into a specific house top. Also consider the google maps that has a live picture format for the map. In more and more instances they even have a 360 street view. Errrr it sounds real great because you can see real time landmarks but... privacy much? Yes and unless the newest upgrade gives you realtime footage all the google stuff is declassified footage and is from a while back. Try the app and google your front yard... what can you see? They see more... and this is one of the companies that makes it happen. So Big Brother IS watching.... put on a shirt please. They were brought into bussiness in 1961 but declassified in 1992? ok for 31 years what on Earth were they doing? Was it ALL cold war? Has your city put in these traffic cams that snap a picture of the licence plate trace it to owner and address and send you your ticket? Broward and Dade County Florida has them and it is supposed to generate revenue as well as make the streets safer. Word is they cost more to maintain than they garner in revenues. How comfortable are you with the fact that you can be sent a ticket in the mail because some camera smapped a picture of your licence? What else do they see through their little tiny lenses? What else are they recording? For putting up site like this how many of us could have the licence plate snapped for a legitimate infraction of law and then have a trace done on us and be connected to our sites and have the whoever show up at the door.... are we truly ok with this?

Last night I watched a new TV show. Person of Interest. Its this geeky little exgovernment think tanker programmer who developes this program to spy on the world. You see in the show the cameras at cross walks and such. He hires a ex military special ops guy to be his sidekick. The idea was that he hacked a back door to his program to get at "Irrelevant" files which yielded just a social security number. The military guy had to stop the bad thing happening to the person being represented by the social security number the machine spat out. Consider this is fiction and so is the movie Eagle Eye. The technology is possible, and companies like this create this.


... If you have an agenda like they do you will be needing the money. Not to mention the connections. Read a little about it.


They call me Bond.... James Bond. 007 licenced to kill the great british assassin.... personally I liked Pierce Brosnin as Bond. He just looked the part yknow? Of course there is no denying that the stalwart 007 Sean Connery truly sounded the part. Now how to get Connery voice and Brosnin looks.... ok I rambled have you seen this site so far? Bond our fictitious hero of film worked for M... at MI6 which is Englands version of CIA. (Oh now how do we know this? Well Hollywood gave it away in Die Another Day and the gorgeous beauty who was the American counterpart.... Jinx! Halle Berry) However MI6 is your typical real I spy shop .... American big brother got his ideas on looking at us from his big brother The UK. Nuff said

Anti Defamation League ADL


The Bilderbergers

Rhodes Scholarships

Ever hear the term Rhodes Scholar? I have but what does that mean and why is such prestige attached to it? A Rhodes Scholar is someone who went to certain colleges went under a certain scholarship, a scholarship founded by Cecil Rhodes. Here is their website. http://www.rhodesscholar.org/ You can use this scholarship to get into only one school. OXFORD. This comes directly from the FAQ part of the site. The Rhodes Scholarships were established after the death of Cecil Rhodes, who dreamed of improving the world through the diffusion of leaders motivated to serve their contemporaries, trained in the contemplative life of the mind, and broadened by their acquaintance with one another and by their exposure to cultures different from their own. Mr. Rhodes hoped that his plan of bringing able students from throughout the English-speaking world and beyond to study at Oxford University would aid in the promotion of international understanding and peace. Each year, 32 U. S. citizens are among more than 80 Rhodes Scholars worldwide who take up degree courses at Oxford University. Emphasis mine. This sounds very liberal to me but maybe as a Christian I am to conservative. "trained in the contemplative life of the mind" what does he mean contemplative life of the mind? He means thinkers critical thinkers. Why only Oxford? Mr. Rhodes’ Will contains four criteria by which prospective Rhodes Scholars are to be selected:

  1. literary and scholastic attainments;
  2. energy to use one’s talents to the full, as exemplified by fondness for and success in sports;
  3. truth, courage, devotion to duty, sympathy for and protection of the weak, kindliness, unselfishness and fellowship;
  4. moral force of character and instincts to lead, and to take an interest in one’s fellow beings.

Sounds like we are training leaders. The program itself is characterized by the Rhodes Experience. They have VIMEO blogspot to hear about the program http://scholarvideoblog.squarespace.com/

In the interview we find these are leaders in their fields and they are getting a "bigger picture" perspective. These people will eventually use their position to various means. Because they are Rhodes Scholars at Oxford they meet "interesting people" an to "focus on the present and find out about what makes (them) happy" Now they are a community within Oxford these scholars. They do travel they do have priveleges and they do make connections. These people will I am certain be exected to return to their places and make a move on some front in a leading position which may well be liberal. It is an experience to be had ... apparently you get in touch with you with others in the Rhodes Community and doors can open.

Over and over again I find the thought of the Rhodes Experience and the Rhodes Community. What I think I may be hearing is a very carefully and sophisticated form of brainwashing. If you really listen to these scholars they sound hollow of character. They sound liberal, they sound sincere and they really havent a clue whats next. In fact that was a complaint that they wanted guidance as to just what to do with their experience their UNIQUE experience to "give back"... why oh why do I suspect some level of Programming?

The Rhodes Scholarships. Leaders for the world's future.

That sort of says it all. Did you know President Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar? Do you remember his scandals? These are our leaders? Lord help us.