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To Destabilize

On January 6 something went way beyond a peaceful or even vigorous demonstration on the White House grounds.

One American Nation Network

While the Liberal press screamed "Insurrection" this Conservative organization shows no footage of the "vigorous protest" lets call it that, which was televised on every station including to so called dreaded CNN. The above link is all that so far is posted on the website of One American Nation.

CBN doesnt show the break in to the white House either. What they do show is video clips of apparent dissident type groups harassing the Million MAGA protestors as they marched. These are from CBN
But these are vague. Anyone could be saying anything to anyone.
But it does show violence and fear tactics and general riotous thuggery.

Meanwhile the regular press does not show this: There was a Christian Jericho march around the white house and or government grounds of buildings 7 times... You can see the actual site and that on the last entry og the schedule there is a WildProtest sponsored Stop The Steal rally. Now when I click their link i am led to a blank page. Its a whitepage that is a typical placemarker for a site that has not been set up yet. Reminds me of a popup store around halloween.

What I have to wonder is... who is supressing the news and who is reporting the news. My children took classes in TV Production in highschool and from them I learned that you can spin raw footage in many ways to support many ideaolgies or viewpoints, so who is actually reporting the truth?

TBN also has nothing on January 6 riots.

It is, for the Christians who get their information on the nation, as if the events of Jan 6 never occurred. They accuse the Liberal Press of Media Sensationalism yet they have nothing to say about the riot on the white house? Many of the Elect are getting their "news" from these stations that are becoming so Christ focused that it is beginning to make us look like the Ostridge with head in sand. It is one thing to sensationalize and over report the news and over comment on it. But it is quite another to decide to exclude coverage of something this serious all together.

Here is the kicker.

this is the little youtube video of our President and what he is saying to this group of supporters.

Trump Rally Speech 1-6-21

The transcript on this page shows that the Youtube recording cuts out at the limit set by youtube for recordings. It apparently goes on for more than an hour. reading and listening to this is to listen to rant and ramble of an old tired man.

I leave it to you the reader to look at this for yourself. I leave it to you Christian reader to pray for our Nation like we are SUPPOSED to.















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